Hair Mask Thursday

Hair Mask Thursday

I am a huge advocate of hair masks. Even before I started my blog I was a faithful user of them. Basically they are a heavily concentrated conditioning formula that will help restore and repair your hair. We do a lot to our hair and it sometimes requires some TLC. They can contain anything from the obvious coco-butter to honey and anything in between.

Hair Masks in the drugstore, like a lot of things in the drugstore beauty product aisle, has undergone some changes. They are much more effective, and plentiful, now than a few years ago.

Mostly they are inexpensive but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great products.

They can come in single use pouches, although, depending on your hair length and texture you may be able to use them more than one wash. They also come sold in jars or tubs for multi-use. I will talk about all of them here.

Can you find prestige hair masks that have better products than those in the drugstore aisle? Maybe, although I’m not convinced, but I know for a fact that you can find quality hair masks in the drugstore.

Here every Thursday I will review a hair mask. To help make it easy I will use the following labeling system:

  • HEAVY || this one is for the most damaged and dry hair out there.
  • MEDIUM || this one is for your average girl just wanting to try out a hair mask
  • LIGHT || this one is for the girl with very fine hair
  • OILY || this one for the girl with oily hair (yes, oily hair needs conditioning too)

L’ORÉAL Elvive Color Vibrancy Repair and Protect Balm

My label || MEDIUM

Many masks will be specially formulated for all types of hair. This one is for color-treated hair. It’s not a beauty secret that coloring our hair damages it. I mean there is no way around that fact. It just happens. The more you color it the more damage. Even the color or shade you color it can determine the damage you inflict. Going Kardashian blonde will cause some damage.

It is especially important for those of us who color our hair to use masks such as this one during summer. The hot summer sun will further dry out our hair and the UV rays will help to strip our color causing it to fade.

This mask is one part of a whole system targeted at color treated hair. You can purchase this in both single use pouches and tubs for multi-use.

This product contains:

  • a UV protectant that will wrap your hair shaft to help to prevent the damaging UV rays from hurting our hair.
  • ceramides || what are they? well they are a kind of “glue” that helps to bind the hair shaft together. this will help that important moisture from escaping. basically it keeps the good things in and the bad things out.

I have used another Elvive product for YEARS, I recently did a Featured Products post on it, to me this one isn’t has heavy as that one. This hair mask is effective but also not so heavy that the average girl couldn’t use it. Anyone, despite the damage of their hair or the thickness of it, could benefit from using this mask.

HERE is a link to purchase

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask

My Label || Medium

I promise you girls, I think I looked for this stuff, maybe, three years, I know at least two years before I found it a couple of months ago. I found it at Kroger of all places. I first read about it when I was hunting for a dupe for my beloved Olaplex #3, it’s not a dupe (go HERE to read what product made me give up Olaplex and not look back). Just because it isn’t a dupe for Olaplex doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I did.

What is it?

It’s a once a week hair mask, but I used it twice. As I have shared (over and over), I use a hair mask every single time I wash my hair. I believe that everyone’s hair can benefit from a hair mask. However, not every hair will benefit from the same type of mask. Thankfully, there are literally hundreds available to us.

It is a Triple Moisture mask because it contains three naturally derived extracts: Olive (which penetrates to the center of the hair shaft), Meadowfoam Seed (which helps to provide moisture to the middle layer of the hair shaft), and Sweet Almond (which wraps the surface of the hair). In theory, this mask supports and moisturizes every part of the hair.