My Top 10 Favorites

How easy is it to pick your 10 favorite things?

Not as easy as it sounds, actually.

When I first decided to come up with a Top 10 list, I was all like, this will be so easy.

It’s wasn’t.

What makes a product a Top 10?

Since I get to try out so many cool things, I’m constantly changing up my beauty routine. However, for something to be so important to be a Top 10 item it needs to be something that is ALWAYS on my vanity. or in my purse. Meaning that no matter how many other new products I find and try…I ALWAYS use these 10.

That did narrow down the list of what to pick from, a little, but still coming up with 10 was a challenge.

Still I prevailed…

Here is my Top 10 Favorite Things…and they are not in order of importance {they are ALL important.} They are linked.

Number 1

This was one of the first products I ever reviewed. When I was searching for content, just thinking about starting a blog, I read about these. I searched for a while to find them because they were so new.

To say that I love these is an understatement. They are an awesome product that is worth way more than the under $5 price tag. In fact, I completely stopped using a high-end prestige product because this is just…that…good.

l will link my original post below if you want a more in-depth look at my #1 favorite thing.

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Number 2

This is my ONE.

My it.

The one product that “started it all for me” and the subject of my very first post on this blog. I didn’t put it on my Top 10 List on that merit alone; just so happens this stuff is AWESOME.

You would’t believe how many girls have came up to me to tell me they got this lotion. All of them love it…

I love it and I know that you will too.

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Number 3

My favorite nude lip trio…honestly, this is my favorite lip combo period.

No exaggeration, and I know I’m dramatic, but this is really that good.

I am on my second lip liner and I own two Breeze lip sticks. One for the purse and one for the bathroom.

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Number 4

I have LOVED this stuff forever.

In fact, this product has been around FOREVER. It’s a tried and true product that has helped many a gal clean her face.

I haven’t meet a waterproof mascara or a full face of makeup this couldn’t get rid of.

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Number 5

Here’s the facts girls…EVERY GIRL NEEDS DRY SHAMPOO.


I firmly believe that it was made for the busy gal.

Do you have any idea how freeing it is to gain one more day without washing your hair? Girls, it is ammmaaazing. Don’t believe me? Give it a try.

So, once you decide to give dry shampoo a try you will notice that there are so many options in the drugstore.

What is my opinion? I have tried so many since starting this blog and what I’ve discovered is…

  • They are not all made the same. Just because it says dry shampoo on the bottle doesn’t mean it’s awesome.
  • The drugstore company HASK is the absolute best at dry shampoo. They make several varieties, including the two pictured above that are my personal favorites. I think that any from their line of dry shampoos would be a good choice!
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Number 6

This is THE BEST stuff. I mean, I KNOW I’m dramatic, and I say that everything is awesome or fabulous or the best. I always mean it, I’m not lying but this stuff it is seriously…the…BEST.

Let’s just say that you aren’t in the mood for a full-on set of makeup. Maybe you woke up late, maybe your kids aren’t cooperating in the mornings, or maybe it’s a Monday, anyway this stuff makes it possible to do a quick face of makeup and still look put together.

It hides what it’s supposed to and evens up what it’s supposed to. It provides you with a great even surface for your foundation.

In my humble opinion this is the best primer in the drugstore right now!

Girls, this MUST be in your makeup bag!

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Number 7

Every girl needs a great concealer. I mean there are such things gals just need to cover up…the occasional bout of hormonal acne…dry rough patches…or well, fill in the blank. Point is every gal needs a good concealer.

This one is a great concealer and it’s super affordable even for the drugstore. In my humble opinion, this is one of the best drugstore concealers especially for the price. I use the green one when I need to cover up a bad red spot.

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Number 8

Almost every singe day I do my eyebrows. I’m not crazy about it {or at least I don’t think so} more of a fill in situation. So, this one absolutely deserves a spot on my Top 10 Favorite List.

The NYX is as close a dupe to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz as anything I’ve ever used. I have used the both and can tell not difference between them. I only use the ABH one when I find them on sale. The NYX one, however, is available lots of places at about half the price.

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Number 9

I just reviewed this product a couple of weeks ago. I called it my new “Secret Weapon” and that isn’t an exaggeration. It really is. I LOVE this stuff. It has done wonders for my face and I will always always have this on my vanity.

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Number 10

Tinkle Razors will change your life.

Like seriously.

“Girl, Shave Your Face!” was one of the very first posts that I ever made and I still stand by it today. Adding this one thing to your beauty routine will yield great results…and NO, your hair will NOT come back thicker or black.

It comes back exactly like it was prior to shaving. Long story short, a lady’s hair follicle makes a certain type of hair and we each are born with the amount of hair follicles we will have. Shaving our faces cannot make us grow more. Instead, shaving our faces will leave our them exfoliated and free of peach fuzz.

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