My Daily Quiet Time

It’s a scary time. That’s just the facts. We are facing an enemy that is unseen and could be deadly.

It’s an uncertain time. We have no idea what life will look like on the other side of this. Will we go back like normal with little to no hiccups? or will the opposite be true.

This answers aren’t for us to know, those are solely in the hands of God, but we aren’t left adrift. We have an anchor to hold us.

I decided to publish my daily quiet times here in the hope that they may help strengthen our walks.

March 30, 2020 || one event: two choices

Matthew 6:13 “And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil”

The word here for temptation is a Greek word that refers to a trial that God allows into our life to strengthen and refine us OR a temptation that is brought to us that leads us to sin.

ONE Event = TWO possible outcomes

I love how God works and I have seen this many many times in my life as I have grown in my knowledge of Him. I just decided to publish my quiet times yesterday, and I didn’t have any idea what the devotion would center on…

…and the fact that it so closely mirrors what is going on around us is comforting to me and yet, another example that God is in control.

It’s funny how one event can bring about TWO very different endings and how we react to that event is our choice. Thus leads us in either of the two possible directions…trial or temptation

COVID-19 can either be a temptation that strengthens us or one that ultimately weakens us. Which one we choose is really dependent upon who we look upon. Who we keep our eyes on. Who we focus on. Who we fill our minds with.

Is it scary? UMMM yes...
Is it not fun? UMMM yes...
Is it unknown? UMMM yes...

It’s ALL of those things {and many more I’m sure} it can control us. It can give us anxiety.


It can draw us closer to God as we pray that we don’t become caught up in the temptation to give into our anxiety. That we read His word and grow in our knowledge of Him and apply those to our hearts and MINDS. As we take our mind under control and focus on Him alone we will see that although the situation is still here and it’s still BIG it is not what control us.

“Count it all joy my brothers when you meet trials of various kinds for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

James 1:2-4

March 31, 2020 || it’s all about communication

“…praying at all times in the spirit”

Ephesians 6:18

Prayer || communication with God

By definition that is basically what prayer is…communicating with God…but in reality it’s more than that.

To be truthful we, as Americans, have it pretty good. Well, we actually have it really good, even in the midst of a pandemic we have it pretty good.

Now, it’s good to have things “good” but it is also a breeding ground for allowing our prayer life to falter. We can become complacent in our prayer life and even worse come to just expect God’s grace. Take it for granted. We don’t like to think things like that but it’s the truth.

One thing I’ve learned in my life so far, is life is ALL about choices. Many times we say things like “I didn’t have choice” but what we really mean is “the other choice {and often the right one} was just too hard to make.”

Our prayer life is no different. It’s all about a choice. To have one or to not have one.

“…pray without ceasing”

1 Thessalonians 5:17

This doesn’t mean that we do nothing in our day except pray. Nope, God actually expects us to be busy. To do the work He has called us to do {read Proverbs 31 and you will know what I’m talking about}.

Praying without ceasing” means to live in a constant state of communication with God.

  • If you see something beautiful in nature…thank God.
  • If you almost get hit by someone driving like a maniac…thank God.
  • If you see a Mama having a hard time with a toddler…pray for her.

All of these things are an immediate reaction.

They can only be something you immediately turn to if you are in a “constant communication” type of relationship with God.

Sounds good, right? Well, remember there is another choice.

“they ought always to pray and not lose heart”

Luke 18:1

lose heart || give in to evil, or become weary or to be cowardly

Any and all these things are what we can expect when we allow our prayer life to languish. When we don’t live in a constant state of prayer, When we don’t communicate with God even on a basic level we can become weary. We can get bogged down with life. We can become scared and give in to our anxiety and fears.

In the midst of a trial, we see where we are in our relationship with prayer. Like in all things God is gracious to forgive, and if we have allowed our prayer life to falter, He is ready to restore our relationship with Him.