The Best of… Self-Tanner Month

The most “requested topic” I’ve had since starting the blog was self-tanning. I have been an avid supporter of self-tanning for years so I was excited to pass along everything I have learned over the many years I’ve been doing it. Trying out these new products was fun and informative. I found some new favorites […]

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My Moisturizer Favorites

Below are the moisturizers that I have discovered my face likes the best. I’m not including the cleansers or toners I use; that is a post for another date. If you already have a moisturizer you like maybe you will find one here that you will want to add to your routine. I started to […]

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The Right Moisturizer for You!

Moisturizers are the hero in your arsenal of skin care and it’s often under used. Below you will find a breakdown of skin types and what moisturizers you might want to try…just in case you need a new one! The Proper Order Using your products out of order won’t really hurt you but you might […]

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Moisturizing 101

First and foremost…it doesn’t matter if you have dry/sensitive, oily, normal or combination skin…all…types…of…skin…need…MOISTURIZING! Let me say it again…if you have skin, you need moisturizer. Now, not all moisturizers are created the same or meant for every skin type. We’ll cover all that in a bit. The average human adult has 22 square feet or […]

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