Wet n Wild coloricon Blush

I was super bored during quarantine…shocking I know. Anyway, between cleaning my house more than I ever have or ever will again, I watched a lot of makeup girls on YouTube.

I started making a list of all kinds of products to try. Some are new and some are just things I haven’t gotten around to trying yet.

This is one of those products…

This one isn’t new but it is newly packaged. WnW recently overhauled the packaging for most of their products and this is one of them.

Blush. What’s your opinion?

Maybe it’s a diehard item you NEVER leave the house without or maybe it’s just one extra step you are just TOO tired to contemplate…or as is most likely the case for every single gal ever, both of these scenarios are true at one time or another.

The thing about blush is it MUST be pigmented. If it’s not it’s just not worth the time it takes to apply it since it will either take multiple layers or will disappear by lunch. As I have said multiple times, if we are going to take time out of our busy day to use a product that product MUST be awesome…or it’s just not worth it.

Are these little blushes worth it???

YES!!! They absolutely are.

They are highly pigmented and only require one (or if it’s a lighter shade and depending on how dark you want it) maybe two layers. If you want a more dramatic look these layer well allowing you to add more color.

If you use highlighter these also work well with every one I have used.

For the price ($2.98 at Walmart) these are absolutely the best in the drug store.

These come in four shades: Nudist Society, Pinch Me Pink, Pearlescent pink, Mellow Wine.

Mellow Wine
Pearlescent Pink

To Purchase

Wet n Wild coloricon Blush

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