Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

It’s not that I don’t like my legs really…I just don’t like my legs.

Honestly, that’s not all together true and I know it’s a bit dramatic but maybe you are like me and there are certain aspects of your legs that you just don’t love.

If we don’t like something on our faces, maybe we have a blemish we want to hide. We have a vast array of weapons that we can use to hide that imperfection or at least make it fade away a little bit.

Guess what?

There is makeup for your legs too and it’s been around FOREVER.

This is another one of those products that you, like myself, might have walked right past and never gave a thought at the wonderful goodness to be found.

This is makeup for your legs….

don’t confuse it with self-tanner. They aren’t the same thing.

You can use it along with self-tanner with no problem at all.

This isn’t self-tanner, but it is awesome.

As you can see from these pictures, I took advantage of this at the beach…and you guessed it…it was awesome.

So, what does this do…

It provides a cover for freckles, veins ( my personal enemy), and whatever imperfections that have you hating on your legs. It helps to smooth out your legs without being heavy and artificial looking.

It is water-resistant and won’t transfer to your sheets or to your clothes. Since I have used this I can attest to the truth of this. It will come off in the shower with some soap, water, and a washcloth, but that’s it.

So, how do you use it…

This comes in two versions: spray and lotion.

Regardless of which version you choose the application is the same.

You will put the product directly INTO YOUR HAND….yep, even if you choose the spray. You will spray SH Airbrush Legs directly into your hands then apply to your legs.

Be sure to wash your hands immediately following application. I haven’t had a problem with this staining my hands.

The package says to allow 60 seconds to dry prior to putting on clothes. For me, I wait a little longe than that. I usually apply this before I apply my makeup and then after I am finished with that process, I will put on my clothes. I haven’t noticed any transferring of product from legs to clothes.

My Observations…

I don’t want to give the false impression that this will completely totally hide any imperfections. It doesn’t. What it does is smooth everything out. It places a sheer veil over your imperfections making them less visible. Ever used a filter on Instagram or SnapChat? this is like that a filter for your legs. It definitely helps to make short season less worrisome.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs FOUR shades: Light, Medium, Fairest Shade, and Deep Glow.

To Purchase

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

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