Wet n Wild photofocus Foundation

Just in case you missed it, I have a love hate relationship with foundation. The bad thing about that is…

the older I get the more …I N E E D foundation.

However, despite how much that need might be present, I still hate that heavy feeling foundation can give.

Enter this newly found gem…that just so happens to have become a cult favorite found in the makeup drawers of the pickiest of gals!.

I can say with 100% certainty that this is my FAVORITE foundation I have ever used.

Yep, girls you read that right…


That’s high praise indeed but it’s completely justified. Let me explain…

What exactly does “photofocus” mean?

When testing out this new product WnW subjected it to trials under SEVEN different lighting situations. Basically, they wanted to be sure that it would preform perfectly under all kinds of lighting situations from fluorescent bathroom lighting, to outdoor lighting, to electronic flash photography. No matter what your situation the cool awesome folks at WnW want your pictures to be perfect and without that annoying flashback that can happen. What’s flashback? ever took a picture and your face is way lighter than the rest of your body, well, that’s flashback.

What about the coverage?

I would say that initially this is medium coverage but it is easily buildable to a more full coverage. I used too much of this at first but even so I didn’t look or feel that cakey feeling that can happen with some other full coverage foundations. This one feels incredibly light and airy on, and looks so natural looking.

In June, we gave the girls a graduation party…OUTSIDE. Not surprisingly it was HOT…like very hot. After I finished setting up, I hurried inside to get ready with about 30 minutes till guests arrived. I was SHOCKED to see how red I looked…like tomato red. I was a little scared about how to cover that up. I shouldn’t have worried with the help of the e.l.f. 16HR Camo Concealer this WnW foundation took care of my horribly red face and no one had any idea.

How long does it last?

I always…I mean ALWAYS…use a primer (HERE is my favorite one). If you don’t already have one I would suggest giving one a try. Anyway, this foundation is extremely LONG-WEARING on my face. I can go at least 5 to 6 hours looking exactly like when I first put it on.

I feel like I should make a disclaimer…I have dry skin and yes, dry skin does tend to “hold” on to its foundation a little easier than more oily prone skin. However, there are reviews after reviews that give testimony to the long-wearing capabilities of this foundation whichever type of skin you have.

That leads me to my next point…

How many formulas are available?

There are two formulas available: Matte and Dewy. The number of shades you can choose from is INSANE for drugstore. There are TWENTY shades in a variety of skin colors.

If you are unsure of your shade WnW has a helpful Shade Finder on their website.

The two different formulas (Matte and Dewy) each have qualities that are beneficial to your type of skin and the performance of each is great. What I’m saying is this…even though I tried the Dewy formula because I have dry skin the Matte formula (for oily prone skin) is awesome too.

What I the BEST news about this foundation?

The price...for $4.98 you can get one of the BEST foundation found in the drugstore right now!

To Purchase

Wet n Wild photofocus Foundation

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