“My Beauty Spot” Vitamin C Skin Care Collection

Active Day + Night HYDRATING CREAM

You ever see something and pick it up…then put it back…then pick it up again…ok, you get my drift.

This ever happen to you?

It happens to me from time to time (ok a lot) and especially with this product. As I would go into Dollar General for our weekly essentials, I would see this.

Honestly the packaging is what first caught my eye.

It is really pretty packaging.

Why didn’t I pick it up when I first saw it? Well, usually anything with Vitamin C is more expensive than the $5 price tag attached to this one. I was skeptical.

Then I was like, well, why not. What else do I have to do? Nothing, I can assure you.

Why are products with Vitamin C more expensive? Mainly because it’s an awesome product.

  • it is an antioxidant, a substance that helps to remove harmful agents from your skin.
  • it will help promote the production of collagen and elastin
  • it helps to minimize your skin’s production of melanin, this is the substance that causes skin discoloration

All these and more are what cause products with Vitamin C to be more expensive.

Along with Vitamin C, this face cream has Vitamin E. This vitamin promotes collagen and elastin production. This ingredient is one of natures best hydrators and it will help your skin lock in moisture.

Not only did the price tag make me skeptical but the claims on the packaging also kept me from purchasing.

Vitamin C


NO Parabens + NO Sulfates + NO Phthalates

and it further claims…

*Fights fine lines and signs of aging

*Increase collagen production

*Restore skin texture & elasticity

*Increases brightness & clarity of skin


*Easily absorbed

*Fragrance Free

That’s a lot to accomplish for a product that cost $5.

This is labeled for dry\normal skin.

I have used this one faithfully for over a week. Two times a day morning and night.

Did it live up to its claims? Is it worth the $5 price tag or was it a waste of money?

I have got to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

This is a solid moisturizer. From my very first application, I was hooked. It’s just really really good.

It is VERY moisturizing. Like I’m still surprised at how moisturizing this product is considering the price. In fact, it might be one of the more moisturizing face lotions I use.

It is a heavier product than some of the other ones on my vanity. It’s a serious moisturizer, it’s not playing.

There is ZERO fragrance. Like none, if you are a girl that is bothered by fragrance then this one is for you.

Oily skin girls, this one is definitely not for you. Sometimes there are what I call “crossover” products that are good for all skin types, this one isn’t one of those. It is WAY too moisturizing for that.

I am still shocked that this product is $5.

Go grab it.

You won’t be disappointed.

**this is available for in store purchase only. I have seen it at more than one Dollar General

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