Quarantine Makeup Haul

L.A Colors Makeup Company

Ya’ll I MISS makeup shopping…like a whole lot. Since I’m not going to Walmart till the “Stay at Home” is lifted {Hello, May 1st, I’m looking at you} I have been getting my makeup fix from Dollar General. That’s not a bad thing. As I have shared on more than one occasion, they have some awesome products. Their selection is just somewhat limited.

Enter… L.A. Colors

This is not to be confused with the L.A. Girl Cosmetics brand. These are two very different companies. L.A. Girl is a bit more of a luxury (but extremely affordable) drugstore brand sold mostly at Ultra, CVS, Target, and a few other places like that.

L.A. Colors can be found at Dollar General, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree. To be honest this company is a little hit or miss with their products. Sometimes you just never know till you try.

On my weekly trip our for necessities, I decided to do a little makeup haul of some of the more interesting products from this line. In my last Dollar General store makeup haul post, The Believe Beauty Company I did the following system and it seemed to work well.

I will categorize the above products in three categories:

  • The Good
  • The Better
  • The Best

The Good

L.A. Colors Bronzer ($3)

Let me start by saying that I was shocked to see a matte bronzer from this company. Generally speaking drugstore bronzers have some shimmer to them. Not a bad thing really, but if your a girl with oily skin you might appreciate a bronzer with no shimmer. It isn’t very pigmented, and that might be good for you if you are fair skinned and want just a little color.

L.A. Colors Shimmer Bronzer( $3)

This is a beautiful bronzer and I was super impressed with it in the packaging.

In fact, the packaging of both the bronzers I purchased is really awesome for the price.

Back to this one, I think this is a case of having a great product but it just not working for me. My skin has yellow undertones, and this one just seemed to pull too orange for me. I ended up using this as a blush topper and it was super pretty that way. When I tried using it as a true bronzer I was definitely too orange.

L.A. Colors auto eyeliner ($1)

This is a typical twist up eyeliner. I purchased the color “black”. This is an OK eyeliner. If you are in a pinch and HAVE to grab an eyeliner this will work. However, it won’t ever be a mainstay in my makeup drawer.

L.A. Colors auto lipliner ($1)

Like the eyeliner, this one is a twist up lipliner. Again, like the eyeliner, I didn’t just LOVE these. They aren’t very pigmented but for $1 if you are in need of one these aren’t the worst.

The Better

i heart makeup contour palette ($4)

This is a solid contour palette. It comes in a variety of shades. I was able to use this to both contour my face (this is something I’m learning while on my quarantine break) and to highlight under my eyes. If you want to grab a solid palette to practice contouring with…this is a good one to try.

L.A. Colors Nude Eyeshadow Palette ($3)

This was one I was most excited to try. I REALLY wanted it to be good because the colors are so pretty and it’s THREE DOLLARS.

They aren’t super pigmented but the colors blend really well. They colors are buildable and I was able to achieve a couple of really pretty looks with this one.

Again, considering the price this palette is great and worth giving a shot.

The Best

L.A. Colors Mineral Pressed Powder

This is a great powder. It does not go on cakey and gives you pretty good coverage. I was pretty impressed with it actually. I will definitely keep this one in my makeup drawer.

I knew going into this that the absolute BEST thing I got would be the lip products. I have said for YEARS that L.A.Colors have some of the best lip products in the drugstore and when you factor in the price ($2 or less) it’s INSANE how good they are.

I would encourage you to go and just check out the lip product section because they have a LOT of options. If you are new to this brand, prepare to be SHOCKED!

Some of these I already owned, and some I just purchased for this post.

LAC Matte

These might be the best in the bunch. They are a matte but not too drying. They last a long time and the pigment is superb. Go buy all of them…NOW

L.A. Colors High Shine Shea Butter Lipgloss

The pigment of these lipglosses is just as good as any you can buy for 3 or 4 times the price. I have no idea how they are able to pack such a powerful amount of color in a lipgloss that cost less than $3. Every single one of these that I have tried are beautiful. They remind me of the “Too Faced Melted” glosses although different packaging of course.

L.A. Colors Lipstick

These are new. They are $1. They will WoW you with their quality. You will want them all.

L.A. Colors Lip Contour Pencil

This is a dual end twist up lipliner pencil. This one goes on creamy and the application is much better than the lip liners I listed above. It comes in a couple color choices.

Let me know in the comments, Instagram, or Facebook if you try any of these products.

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