The Believe Beauty Company

BQ “Before Quarantine” I was doing some research…you know, working, living my best life, and I stumbled upon something. I found reference after reference of a dupe for a Charolette Tilbury foundation. Now, that alone would have had me at “Hello”, but even more so when I figured out what particular drugstore company they were referring to.

The Believe Beauty Company is an exclusive to Dollar General Stores…yep, you read that right. No, need to read it again…The Dollar General Store.

I mean. I was skeptical, wouldn’t you be. However, I’ll try anything that could be a dupe for a prestige product. I immediately headed to my favorite Dollar General to see what they had to offer (all BQ of course, but to be honest I do still shop there for essentials only.)

I came back with several products since the prices are as good as you would imagine them to be. I’m pretty sure nothing in their line is over $7 with most in the $4 to $6 range.

My one and only grip (and it’s minor) the goop from the stickers doesn’t remove easy and that just gets on my nerves. Does this effect the performance of any of the products, ummm of course not, it just gets on my nerves!

In order to make this simple I decided to rate the products above in categories…

  • Honorable Mention
  • Good
  • Better
  • Best

Let’s get started…

The Honorable Mention

Get Glowing Highlight and Contouring Palette

I purchased this one in Medium and to be honest it’s not my most favorite of the products I purchased. There are Believe products that I love a lot more.

I think the colors are pretty but they aren’t very pigmented.

I mainly use the middle shade as a topper for my blush and it does look pretty when used like that. Would I repurchase this one…probably not, I have other highlights that I love a lot more.

The Good

Satin Crush Lipstick

This is a nice creamy lipstick. It feels like butter going on and the pigment is great. Is this the best lipstick in the drugstore…NO…but it’s by no means the worst either. There are several colors available and I’m excited to try a few more.

I purchased the color Soft Rose.

The Better

Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick and Lustrous Shine Lip Gloss

These lip glosses are legit.

They are some of the best I’ve ever used {so, that should let you know how awesome the products coming up are if these didn’t make “The Best” list.}


They come in both matte and glossy formulas. I purchased both of them.

Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick

I generally don’t like matte formulas because they are drying. I mean they have to be. However, they have their uses meaning they are long lasting.

I purchased the color Foxy in the Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick and this might possibly be the BEST matte lip gloss I have ever used. This stuff has some serious staying power. I LOVE it even though it is somewhat dry but I don’t find it horrible.

Lustrous Shine Lip Gloss

I purchased the color Heartbreaker in the Lustrous Shine Lip Gloss.

I like this one it’s a very pretty light color that give lots of gloss. I used it on top of the matte one and I loved that combo. This one has staying power but of course, nothing like the matte version because it’s not really supposed to

Left: Foxy
Right: Heartbreaker

Gel Effect Nail Polish

Left: It’s Electric
Right: Kiss and Tell

I purchased the colors Kiss and Tell and It’s Electric.

At first glance you might be thinking, it’s nail polish, how can you really mess that up. Well, you can, trust me, but the reason I rate this one so high is the applicator.

That applicator is AWESOME.

The formula of these polishes are great and they have great staying power.

*** finger nails are not approved for polish yet as they are still healing. I have used these only on my feet. However, they have lasted a long time on them.***

The Best

To say I was shocked at how well the following two products preformed is an understatement.

They could quiet possibly be some of the best foundation and concealer I have used from the drugstore.

You’re Covered Liquid Concealer

This formula is absolutely medium to full coverage without having a cakey feeling. That my friends is not an easy undertaking add in the fact it cost under $5 and can be found at Dollar General of all places and I’m completely shocked.

I have a love\ hate relationship with concealer.

I LOVE it and I seriously need it in my life.

I HATE how sometimes the formulas are too heavy that they will settle in my fine lines and wrinkles.

I didn’t love it under my eyes because I have extremely dry skin and it seemed to accentuate that, but I used this to cover up the red around my nose and any other blemishes I have at any given time.

Did I mention how shocked I was? This stuff is GOOD.

I purchased the shade Light Beige.

Will this be a mainstay in my makeup vanity…YES!!!

Skin Finish Foundation

This is the product that sent me to DG in the first place. This is the foundation that is said to be a dupe, and some even prefer this one, for the Charlotte Tillbury.

This formula is a medium to full coverage and I was hesitant to try it.

I purchased the color Warm Vanilla.

I generally do not like these types of foundations. I find them heavy on my face and I just don’t like how they look on me. Again, I know I sound like a broken record but I was shocked when I tried this the first time.

Well, actually the first time I used too much product; so, perhaps it would be more accurate to say the second time I was blown away by this one. It is without a doubt medium to full coverage but it doesn’t feel like it. I don’t feel like I’m wearing something heavy on my face all day and for me that is a HUGE WIN.

It comes in a glass bottle with a pump and that feature alone is surprising for a product less than $10.

Would I recommend this one to you girls YES!! All day long.

**hint** I don't put this (or any heavy foundation) on my under eye area because like I have said before I have dry skin. I try to limit the products I use there so that they won't settle into my fine lines. I just let my concealer do all they work.**

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