No Heat During Quarantine

What am I talking about? Well, don’t judge I couldn’t come up with a title. Think of it like “No Shave November”

March 14, 2020 was a Saturday in case you didn’t remember. It was the last time I used heat on my hair. I used my FAVORITE hair dryer so I didn’t have to use the straightener for church on that Sunday. As you know the next week we all went on lockdown and I haven’t been anywhere really since.

Having said ALL THAT, I decided to take this time to give my hair a much needed break from heat.

Why? Well for starters heat is very hard on your hair, and even more so if you color your hair, like me.

The average hair dryer can reach at least 140 degrees on the highest setting, and I’m going on a limb here and assume we use the hair dryer at least twice a week if not more. The average temperatures of basic hair tools like curing wands, iron, and hair straighteners can reach from 320 to 420 degrees. 

Not only do we subject our hair to heat, we are also just coming out of winter and winter is not easy on our hair. The cold and dry air of winter can cause the cuticle of the hair strand to lift. The hair’s cuticles normal function is to keep everything locked in place, including moisture. Winter, though, that changes things up a little. That little “lift” that cold weather can cause in a hair shaft means that moisture won’t stay locked in place. Evaporating moisture means one thing…dry brittle easily broken hair.

Then just when you think your hair might be gettin a break…here comes summer. Lots of things hurt our hair in summer, like chlorine, salt water, the suns UV rays, greasy hair from that hot sun, deciding to dye your hair lighter for the summer…the list goes on and on.

but I bet your gettin my drift…

Our hair needs a break.

Let me clarify, I’m not a worker that is considered essential, and if you are then this probably isn’t something that you can do because you have to go to work. However, if your like me doing your part of save the world and flatten that curve by staying home we might as well do something productive, right?

So, I’ve decided NO HEAT on my hair till May 1 (hello!! “No Heat During Quarantine”) when I hope we are allowed to start getting our normal back.

Going no heat can be a little shocking because if your hair is like mine it doesn’t dry the prettiest or it might not be in the best of condition. Here are some products that can help you get on your quest to healthier hair.

TRESemmé PRO PURE Leave-In Conditioner

This one is one of those rare products than can be used by every girl.

It’s not too conditioning for those with more oily prone hair and it has just enough to hydrate the thirsty ends of those girls with dry hair. Is this the most hydrating product in my hair care drawer? No, but it is still a great product.

This product is a suspension mixture meaning that its ingredients separate into layers and must be shaken up before use. I know this isn’t really important in the grand scheme of life and hair products..but…this looks super cool. I mean, honestly, this might be the MOST coolest looking product in my vanity ritght now.

TRESemmé Pro Pure Leave-In Conditioning Spray {WALMART}

Maui Moisture Nourish & Moisture Coconut Milk Weightless Oil Mist for Dry Hair

This one is infused with coconut milk, guava oil, and mango butter.

  • Coconut Milk — is made from the white flesh inside a ripe coconut mixed with water…this is not coconut water which is the liquid already inside the coconut. There are several benefits to using this coconut milk which traditionally is used as a beverage or an additive to your morning cup of coffee. For our hair, coconut milk can restore moisture, and give it added strength as well as promote growth. It is full of lauric acid {benefits the hair shaft easily to strengthen the hair cuticle} protein {our hair is made of keratin and the types of food we eat support or hurt that keratin} Vitamins C E B-1 B-3 B-5 AND B-6 {these are various micronutrients that are important to the health of our hair}
  • Guava Oil — the leaf of the guava contains vitamin C this helps boost collagen activity ultimately helping our hair to grow faster and of course more healthy.
  • Mango Butter — this one is full of fatty acids making this a moisture rich food for our hair. This one will soften your hair and help to prevent environmental damage. This is great for girls like me, and maybe you, with dry hair that need moisture and extreme hydration.

I can 1,000 % agree that this is a product that girls with dry hair need in their lives BUT be careful. I usually am able to spray any product liberally on my hair with no issue (dry hair girl here.) I was shocked to discover that wasn’t the case with this one. I almost had to rewash my hair after doing that with this Maui Moisture spray. I didn’t but it was a close call. I just used some dry shampoo and was able to rescue the situation.

Maui Moisture Nourish & Moisture Coconut Milk Weightless Oil Mist for Dry Hair {WALMART}

L’ORÉAL Elvive Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm

This is actually a dupe, so I’ve heard but I’ve never used it, of Kératase Masque. The chances of this being true is actually pretty good. In case you didn’t know BOTH of these products are made and owned by The L’ORÉAL Group.

I’ve never tried the Kérastase product but I have used JARS, yes plural, of the L’ORÉAL one and I swear by it. It will help your damaged locks!

L’ORÉAL Paris Elvive Repair Hair Balm

Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Créme

Pantene’s BB Créme, is a multitasker for our hair. It claims to do 10 things all at once…

  1. Repair Rough Hair
  2. Strengthen Against Damage
  3. Silky Softness
  4. Brilliant Shine
  5. Smoothing
  6. Moisture | Hydration
  7. Frizz Control
  8. Lightweight
  9. Manageability
  10. Taming Flyaways

I really like this product. When I first reviewed it I falsely thought of it as more of an “add on” product. Something to add to your beauty routine. I disagree with that, I feel like this has earned it’s own position and is worthy of it.

Like all the other Pantene products I’ve used lately the smell is INCREDIBLE!

Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Créme {WALMART}

Monoi Coconut Oil 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray

I LOVE THIS SPRAY. I use it almost every single day.

This is made from Monoi Coconut Oil which is a blend made from soaking Tahitian gardenias in coconut oil. It was formulated to help hydrate and strengthen our hair. It is good for all hair types.

This product is labeled as a 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray

  1. Detangles
  2. Hydrates and Conditions
  3. Softenes and Shines
  4. Controls Frizz
  5. Provides Thermal Protection (not that we need this step for “No Heat in Quarantine”)

Monoi Coconut Oil 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray {WALMART}

Pantene Rescue Shots

My FAVORITE product of 2019. I will absolutely as long as possible always have these in my hair care drawer. I love this so very much…I mean where do I start in my love for this stuff.

Pantene has been producing Rescue Shots in Brazil for a while now but it was only released in the United States last year.

This is the first at home hair treatment offered by Pantene and it was made especially for girls who have dry, damaged and over processed hair. We put our hair through the ringer between bleach, coloring, the sun, heat styling tools…all this adds up to one thing, damage.

They are full of a Provitamen B blend added with some lipids and a natural glycerin. The lipids and glycerin will head straight to the damaged areas to be absorbed into your hair rather than sitting on top of the hair like other hair products. ALL these ingredients help to repair damage {like split ends}.

I can personally attest {because I have bought boxes of these over the year} that these just work.

It is hands down the best hair product I have ever used both drugstore and prestige combined.

Pantene Rescue Shots {Walmart}

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