Hard Candy ** Sheer Envy Cushion Wonder || Color Correct

I have done several posts on color correct and how much they can be helpful for us to cover up some blemishes we might have. These are great from everything from age spots, dark circles, and for me, my redness. Let’s be real here girls, we all got something we want to cover up. If you want to read those HERE and HERE is where you can find them.

For me, I have a redness problem. Especially along the edges of my nose and when I do have blemishes they get really really red. So, I have a good collection of green color correctors.

Why do I {and maybe you} need a green color corrector?

Green concealers camouflage redness. Don’t be scared, it won’t look green on your skin. What it will do is make those red spots disappear before your eyes. Literally, it neutralizes the red where you can’t see it, very much like the camouflage I compared it to.

You use color correctors under your foundation. It would go something like this…

  • moisturizer
  • primer
  • color corretor
  • foundation
before color corrector
after color corrector
with concealer to show that you can’t see ANY green

This particular one is from the company Hard Candy which is sold only at Walmart. You may have read another POST I did on a product from Hard Candy recently. I am REALLY impressed with their new products. Stay tuned because I’m testing out one they have introduced for dark circles that I LOVE!

This one comes with a built-in sponge that you can use for blending. However, I prefer to use my fingers in a “pat-pat-pat” kind of way. For me the sponge delivers too much product.

The formula is light and bendable but strong enough to cover up the extreme green I can have around my nose.

I would absolutely recommend this one for you.

Let’s Get to the Details

Hard Candy ** Sheer Envy Cushion Wonder Color Correct in Green || WALMART

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