A Sweet Little Happy

Jergens Body Butter Collection

“Need a reminder to stop and smell the roses? Let Jergans Rose Body Butter, infused with rose essence and camellia essential oil, romance your senses as you take a mental stroll through a fragrant rose garden. Soft skin and a sweet escape . Now you are ready to bloom wherever you are.”

I mean how motivational can the back of a bottle of lotion get, I ask you? It could have been written for such a time as this. Right?

I LOVE anything with a rose scent and if you’ve been reading along with me for a while then you won’t be surprised at that. I have reviewed several beneficial products that contain rose oil, water, and essence.

Why do I love rose oil so much?

Rose Water is good for all skin types

  • dry
  • oily
  • combination

There is really no skin type that can’t benefit from using it. 

  • It can help control our skin’s PH levels
  • It gets rid of any excess oil hanging out on our skin
  • It is an anti-inflammatory 

Camellia Oil

This essential oil is a great all around moisturizer for everyone. It is non-greasy and helps our hair and skin retain moisture. It can be used

Jergens does lotion really well, I mean, they have been doing it for years. This is just another example of of a long line of really good lotions.

This one is really good.

It’s thick and creamy. It smell so good. The rose isn’t overpowering it’s just enough to make you feel surrounded by beautiful roses.

This one makes your skin feel so soft but not oily at all. Although it is a body butter which is a creamier type of lotion it isn’t too heavy.

Basically it’s just a really sweet happy to give to yourself in an otherwise non-happy situation that will put a little smile on your face.

I love rose scented anything..but you might not, just in case you don’t here are some other scents available

  • Sweet Citrus
  • Lavender

Let’s Get to the Details

I purchased this at my local Dollar General {DM me or leave a comment for the specific one cause it’s the BEST one in my area!!} but when I went to search for a link I could only find the Sweet Citrus available. Here are the links for those if you are interested.

Sweet Citrus || Lavender

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