Got roots? I got a solution…

LÓREAL Magic Root Cover Up

Well we are on day….I don’t know of self-quarantine and you might, if you are like me and get your hair colored on the regular, be in fear of a major root situation.

Don’t fear girls, I have an idea that doesn’t involve a you on a date with a box of dye from Walmart.

What is it?

Well, it’s kinda like magic, really.

In 3 seconds, you can cover up your roots. Just temporarily…mind you…but it does work. It will last till your next wash.

You might have a few questions? Here are some answers I found on the LOREAL website:

  • it’s extremely light weight
  • dries quick
  • does not smudge or leave you feeling sticky after drying (warning if you accidentally spray your forehead it will turn it to your color)

This formula is ammonia-free and peroxide-free. So, it is safe for your hair until you can make it to your next appointment. No matter what type hair you have you can use this product.

This comes in 8 shades || black, brown, blonde, red, and every shade in between

Would I recommend this product?

Yes, absolutely.

It took a couple tries for me to completely get the hang of it. In fact, the first time I’m sure I “painted” my whole scalp red. However, after that experience it got MUCH easier.

If you can use hairspray you can use this!

And this is definitely getting me through this quarantine until we can RUN DON’T WALK TO OUR BELOVED SALONS…

Let’s Get to the Details

LÓREAL Magic Root Cover Up || WALMART

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