Why should you wash your makeup brushes?

Last Saturday, I found myself bored {shocker I know}, and I decided to wash my makeup brushes. This isn’t something I do as much as I should because, well, I don’t usually have lots of time on my hand.

We do so much with them from applying foundation {not me I’m a beauty blender kinda girl}, to concealer, to blush, to highlight, and eyeshadow. It’s something that we use on the daily.

That being said we should probably take more care with them.

ANYTHING that you put on your face should be as clean as possible right?

Why should we wash our makeup brushes?

I mean it’s just makeup right??

Dirty brushes will irritate your skin || As you use them they naturally accumulate makeup and dirt, makes sense right? These brushes become a natural breeding ground for bacteria. That bacteria can cause acne and other skin conditions. Along with that, when your brushes collect makeup and dirt they are no longer soft to the touch, especially foundation brushes. When you use dirty brushes that are not soft on your face they of course aren’t flexible, this can cause irritation to your face depending on how sensitive your skin is.

If you are a gal that suffers from sensitive skin and find yourself experiencing unexplained breakouts or irritation your dirty makeup brushes could be the culprit.

Prolong the life of your brushes || Frequent washing {and I’ll get to how frequent in a minute} will help with this because they can be damaged from makeup buildup.

Improve your makeup application || What is the NUMBER ONE rule of makeup application? BLENDING…that is really the secret to your success. Since your brushes and sponges are porous, they will hold in all the makeup and dirt they collect after each use. This makes blending your makeup more difficult.

It is also hard to get the true color of you makeup if your makeup brushes are full of old makeup. The old color and the new color will not mix to make the look you are after.

Streaks should always be avoid when putting on your makeup. Dirty brushes could end up in your makeup being streaky.

Effect your health || Given the state of our lives right now, I was surprised to read this one. Dirty brushes can increase your chances of catching a viral infection. Those dirty brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria, dirt, dead skin cells, and just general bad things that can put your health at risk.

This is especially true if you share brushes with people…which is a BIG NO NO!!

Contaminate your makeup || I know you can see where this is going. When you take that dirty brush and put it in that beautiful new blush you just ordered off Amazon, naturally you transfer all that yucky stuff to that new blush, or highlight, or eyeshadow.

How should we wash our makeup brushes?

This may seem like it’s a hard habit to get into and honestly, for me this is true. However, I have read many articles researching this post and they all advise making it a part of your routine.

Do it the same time each month.

The way you choose to wash them isn’t as important as you actually washing them. Many people get kinda hung up on the kind of cleanser and the technique you use. For me it’s a personal thing, whatever method works for you is best because that is the one you will use most.

This is my blush brush and not even nearly my dirtiest one but look at all that GUNK.

Here are some general tips..

  • wet the brush with lukewarm water
  • you can use either your hand or a mat like the one pictured here
  • drop a small amount of cleaner onto either your hand or mat or whatever you are using. What cleanser you use is up to you. I use Dawn but many use baby shampoo or a cleanser made especially for makeup brushes. Again, whatever you have is always better than nothing.
  • rinse out all the cleanser
  • make sure that you squeeze out all the water
  • reform the brush to back into it’s original shape
  • let dry

I’m going to let you in on a secret…I didn’t realize I was doing the DRY portion wrong until I researched this post.

I let mine dry on a towel.


according to an article I read in “allure” that is the WRONG thing to do.

Instead, of drying on a towel you should allow them to dry hanging off the edge of a counter.

Why? It allows them to dry in their correct shape. Using a towel can make your brushes turn mildewy. WHAT…no more towel drying for me!

How often should we wash our makeup brushes?

Once a month for all brushes except foundation and concealer brushes. Those should be washed once a week.

If you decide to spend some of you time these next few days to wash your makeup brushes tag me and let me know!

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