…an advanced anti-wrinkle formula that offers a 24-hour deep hydration.


This product offers the BEST of both worlds

retinol + hydration

Like all of RoC products, this one is oil free and non-comedogenic {won’t clog your pores}

This one is packed with retinol…the IT ingredient that all girls no matter their age need to add to their beauty routine. Retinol, among other things, will increase the collagen production in your skin. It will speed up your cell turnover rate.

What does the above all mean?

  • makes those fine lines and wrinkles look smoother
  • reducing dark spots
  • unclogs pores

CAUTION read before trying retinol for the first time…

If you have never used a retinol product before then you MUST start slow. Since retinol works so well, it does pack quite the punch. You have to "break your skin into using it" so to speak. They can be used at any time of the day but when you are first starting out use only ONE product EVERY OTHER DAY. This will allow your skin to become accustomed to the retinol and you can also see which formula you like best. Gradually increase your usage until you are able to tolerate it daily or whatever your desired plan is. Contrary to what you might assume you can use RETINOL during the day (prescription retinoids, like Retina-A, are different).

Another few awesome points about this products…

  • RoC claims that you can see results in 7 days. According to the company, you can achieve 32% smoother skin in just a week.
  • after 4 weeks users claim that they saw a further diminishing of their fine lines and eye wrinkles
  • after 8 weeks users claim that they saw fewer deep wrinkles and dark spots

OK so all those things are awesome and completely true about retinol


there is one not so awesome aspect of retinol…it is pretty drying.

enter…Hyaluronic Acid

I’ve talked a lot about Hyaluronic Acid in several posts but here’s a quick recap…

It is a clear gooey substance that naturally occurs in our skin, connective tissues and our eyes but decreases with age. It holds water, like an insane amount of water...each molecule holds about 1,000 times its weight in water. It will help our skin hold water and prevents any moisture we have from evaporating. Hyaluronic Acid can also help control redness and when our faces are super hydrated it just feels softer.

The extra added HA will provide an immediate result in helping our skin combat the drying nature of high levels of retinol.

I can say that this is the most hydrating retinol product I have ever used…I LOVE it.

I am a huge fan of all RoC products. I use many of them and I love all of them. I won’t say that this one will replace my love of any of them but it is seriously good.

When do I use this?

As I just mentioned above I use a lot of their products and I use them at specific times during the day. For this one, I use it first thing in the morning.

It is a thick and creamy moisturizer but not too thick or heavy…I know that sounds contrary but it’s still true though. It does NOT leave me feeling oily or too moisturized.

It is also NOT drying. Maybe the drying nature of the retinol is balanced with the moisturizing nature of the Hyaluronic Acid.

I don’t know, but what I do know is


Let’s Get to the Details


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