My Favorite Drugstore Bronzers

What is a bronzer and why do we need it?

The quick answer…

is to make your face darker, but it’s more than that.

It is a product that helps your skin to look healthier with a look of warmth. In case you are an avid SPF applier, your face may be a little more pale than the rest of your body…if so, then bronzer will help you “match”.

Bronzer helps us have that “just kissed by the sun” look or glow. Like anything else though…you have to do it correctly. Don’t worry I’m here to help…

The How To’s and the Don’t Do That’s….

Where to apply?

The tried and true answer to that is…

everywhere that is naturally kissed by the sun: the forehead, the top of your nose, and along the cheekbones and jawline.

Ever been to the beach and your face gets a little red? Well that’s where you apply your bronzer.

Little is Much in Bronzer…


I’m gonna say it again just in case you missed it…DO NOT OVER APPLY!

Meaning that you start out light and “build up” to the amount that you want.

Swirl, Tap, Apply

This is the technique that you need to adapt to apply bronzer like a professional.

It is important that you tap off any excess bronzer before you apply or you will end up too dark.

Apply gradually until you build up to the desired color. Sort of like applying salt to your mashed potatoes, if the top falls off and you dump in all the salt, you can’t take that back. However, adding a little at a time will get you the exact amount of salt to your potatoes.

Apply in a circular blending motion to make sure that it is evenly applied.

Pick the Right Color

Good news is that it comes in light, medium, and dark.

Like your foundation, it is really important to pick the right shade of bronzer. Choose a shade that is no more than two shades darker than your skin.

Again, like with your foundation you may need to have a darker shade of bronzer in summer than winter.

If you have oily skin stay away from anything with a shimmer in it, matte will be your friend. In fact, matte is every girl’s friend and shimmer should be used VERY SPARINGLY.

Now let’s get to the good stuff…my favorite bronzers.

Number 1 || Physicans Formula Butter Bronzer

Actually, this isn’t just my number ONE FAVORITE bronzer…this is EVERYONE’s FAVORITE bronzer. No matter if you love prestige or drugstore makeup lovers all over LOVE this one and with good reason.

It’s all in a name, right? In this case, that’s absolutely the truth! The formula of this bronzer really is like butter. In fact it contains three different kinds of butter: Murumuru, Cupaca and Tucuma which does go a long way into helping produce the buttery goodness that is…Butter Bronzer. When this hit the drugstore a few years ago…it busted it wide open. There isn’t anything else like it on the drugstore aisle.

It is a cream bronzer that transforms to powder once it is on your face. It is super easy to apply and is buildable! It has a matte formula and good for all skin tones.

Not only is this bronzer all of the above and that’s a bunch of goodness…it smells SO GOOD…kind of like a cross between a piña colada and a coconut. I have owned the bronzer pictured for at least one year and it STILL smells like a tropical vacation.

Number 2 || Rimmel London Natural Bronzer

The are a couple things a bronzer should NOT be…

  • too orange
  • too shimmery
  • too brown

Bronzers have to be…just right.

This bronzer, according to many reviews, is a dupe for the MUCH more expensive Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder. It gives you the same sun-kissed look as the Estee Lauder product at a MUCH lower price.

This one is VERY EASY to use and can be used on all skin types. It is bendabl, and somewhat matte making it a good choice for skin prone to become oily. It is also waterproof and it will last you all day.

It is also…NOT…ORANGE.

In fact it is a beautiful gold color. In fact, it might be the most beautiful bronzer I’ve ever seen. I didn’t make it my number ONE because it does have some shimmer…not much but some.

NUMBER 3 || Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Sunset Striptease

photo curtesy of Walmart
photo curtesy of Walmart

It is a medium to dark shade so I definitely have to have some color before I use it!

According to their website the Icon bronzers are “gel infused” and “long wearing”. I can tell you this is true. This powder is so soft. This is easy to apply and is blend-able.

Please note…it does have some shimmer to it so be careful if you don’t like a little glimmer and glow!

NUMBER 3 || Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Ticket to Brazil

No secret here that I have a love affair with Wet n Wild cosmetics as I have shared before this is definitely not the makeup we used as teenagers.

This bronzer will not disappoint. It is an absolutely beautiful golden shade.

I LOVE it.

It is a medium shade that is not too dark or too light. It does have a bit of shimmer like bronzers are prone to have.

Let’s Get to the Details

Physicans Formula Butter Bronzer {WALMART.} || Rimmel London Natural Bronzer {WALMART} || Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Sunset Striptease {WALMART} ||

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