SOL by Jergens

I look at three things when I’m trying out a new self-tanning product

ease of application + color payoff + price

Sometimes, when we are blessed beyond measure, we are given a tanning product that meets all three of these attributes.

This one…hits all of three of these.

Quick refresh on self-tanners….

dihydroxyacetone (DHA)…That sounds sort of chemically scary, but it really isn’t that scary. It is a chemical derived from a sugar acid. DHA will bind itself to the dead skin cells on the outer layer of your skin. Those same dead skin cells will eventually fall off your body which is why your sunless tanner will have to be reapplied on a somewhat regular basis. The higher the amount of DHA the darker the tan it will provide.

If you want a more in-depth post on it head over to read It’s self-tanning Season…are you ready?

Self-tanners come in many different forms this one is a water moose.

What’s that?

Self-Tanner Moose | The same concept as moose for your hair. It will look like liquid until it comes out of the bottle then it is a foam. In my opinion, a moose is easier to apply than a lotion. They glide over the skin easier and dry somewhat quicker than a cream or lotion.

ease of application

A tanning moose is one of the easiest forms to apply. Making it a good option if you are a beginner to self-tanning.

The amount of product is really a key to your success or failure with any self-tanner but a mousse especially. Too little or too much will make it hard for you to get the product adequately “rubbed in.”

This product glides on so easily. and dries very quickly.

“a light airy foam that works with youruniqune skin tone to give you fun-inspired color that lasts for days”

All in all it is VERY easy to use and I would suggest this for anyone.

Again, every thing takes practice, no matter what you are doing from playing the piano to applying eyeshadow. The more you do it the easier it will become, no matter what type you use. If you are not used to self-tanning it might not turn out exactly like you want it to the first time BUT don’t give up, keep practicing.

Dry time?

Very quick.

As a general rule, a moose will dry quicker than a lotion or cream, but this one dries really quick.

It’s quick dry time is another reason why I think this is a great option for a beginner.

Color Payoff

This is where SOL by Jergans shines. The color payoff for this one is higher than any other self-tanning product found in the drugstore that I have tried thus far.

Honestly, this is the DARKEST self-tanning product I have ever used.

At all.

Not just from the drugstore but EVER.

This is after ONE USE.

I deliberately left my hand without any product in an effort to show how well the color payoff might be. As you can see, the payoff is INCREDIBLE.

All of my children commented on how dark I was and they were right.

AFTER ONE USE, I was darker with this product than after three times with my previous favorite (which I still love, but this one has dethroned it).

the “derived from natural sugars” is somewhat misleading because all self-tanning products have this as their main ingredient. It is what causes us to tan.


This is where I’m not it’s biggest fan.

This one is around $20 depending on where you purchase. I purchased mine at Walgreen and it was $23.

Now, I know this is sort of expensive for a drugstore product.

I know.

I feel sort of bad reviewing it and suggesting it to you girls because I’m all about finding the best deal for your budget.


Girls, just this one time…

it is so good

and absolutely worth it.

the smell

This is not a category that I judge self-tanners by simply because they all sort of stink.

That’s just the truth. Some smell worse. Some smell odd but not horrible. Some smell down right unpleasant.

This one…

Again, it breaks the mold. It veers from the path we are familiar.


Like, seriously amazing. The BEST I’ve ever used hands down.

Let’s Get Down to the Details

Sol by Jergens || AMAZON {they are offering a $4.51 coupon at time of purchase}|| WALMART

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