Aveeno Positively Radiant Max Glow No-Mess Sleep Mask

Need something fun to do while under quarantine?

Try this fun little face mask

There are a few things about this product that is different from most masks. Those same differences are what make this one so much fun.

First, this one is a sleep mask.

You put it on right before bed time and right after you wash and clean your face. The fact that you go to sleep with this one on your face and don’t wash it off sets it apart for other masks you may have tried. 

While you are busy in dreamland, this little mask is doing it’s business. It works to attract moisture to your skin so that when that alarm rings in the morning you wake up bright, dewy and hydrated. 

This one is infused with a complex mixed with kiwi and soy.

 Kiwi is the moisture component of this product because it helps boost your skin’s moisture retention ability. Kiwi is full of vitamin C and E which help our skin fight the abuse our skin takes from our environment.

Soy is added to this mix because it has the ability to brighten the skin and at the same time decrees redness. Soy will also boost collagen levels and improve your skins tone. 

All done while you sleep!

The second cool thing about this product is the applicator!

You start out by turning the applicator to the “ON” position and then squeeze the bottle. The cream will come out of a small hole at the top of the paddle.

The paddle is probably my favorite thing about  the Aveeno No-Mess Sleep Mask. It’s “No-Mess” because you use the paddle to apply the creamy mask directly to your face. Never once messing up your hands in the process. 

It took me a minute to get the hang of it but once you do you will be HOOKED!

Let’s Get to the Details

Aveeno Positively Radiant Max Glow No-Mess Sleep Mask || AMAZON

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