Hard Candy x Marilyn Monroe

Starlet Glow Strawberry Face Serum + Syrup Kiss Lip Stain

Hard Candy is a great drugstore beauty company that has always been a favorite of mine. It is exclusive to Walmart. They {like a whole lot of other companies} are in the middle of some amazing new product launches.

I have a couple other products that I am testing and those are some I know you girls will LOVE.

Hard Candy x Marilyn Monroe

Who better to fashion a line of beauty products after than America’s favorite blonde bombshell. She is iconic. She is beautiful and timeless.

“In a time when wearing flashy makeup was not considered acceptable unless it was in from of a camera or on a stage. Marilyn dared to be glamorous wherever and whenever.”

Hard Candy

Every product in this line, and there are 7 of them, is infused with strawberries and roses. It’s such a pretty line.

Best yet…every product is $7 or less.

Marilyn Monroe Starlet Glow Strawberry Face Serum

As the story goes, Marilyn would clean her face every day with a homemade strawberry cleanser. This would give her softer pores and a light pink tint. Her strawberry cleanser would also even out her skin tone and we can’t deny that her beautiful skin tone is one of her greatest claims to fame.

Turns out strawberries were her secret weapon, who knew?

I LOVE this serum.

I use it every single time I put on makeup. It is moisturizing without being heavy making it a perfect base for your makeup.

The smell…The smell…is so so good. I mean I wish I had a scratch and sniff option so you girls could smell it. The smell alone would have you running out to buy it (not now since we are under quarantine, but you get my meaning).

It goes on so smooth and silky. Your face will feel like it has been bathed in a bath of strawberry goodness.

Syrup Kiss Lip Stain

“Lip Syrup is a girl’s best friend! Non-Sticky, cushioned, packed with payoff, and infused with rosehip.”

Hard Candy

I purchased the color Rose Kisses and it is a really pretty pink color. Not a bubble gum pink but more of a pretty fuchsia.

It is more of a lipgloss rather than a lipstick but the color payoff is really good for a lipgloss. It is not sticky like some lipglosses can be but like the serum it goes on silky and smooth.

It is also available in Signature Red which as you might could guess is reminiscent of Marilyn’s favorite lip shade which she is most known for.

Hard Candy Marilyn Monroe Collection Click HERE to check out the whole collection

Other products available…

Hard Candy Marilyn Monroe Lip Balm

Hard Candy Marilyn Monroe Rose Drench Rosewater Toner + Refresher

Hard Candy Marilyn Monroe Liquid Eye Liner

Hard Candy Marilyn Monroe loose Finishing Powder

Hard Candy Marilyn Monroe Precision Brow Pencil

Hard Candy Marilyn Monroe Starlet Glow Dry Shimmer Oil

Let’s Get to the Details

Starlet Glow Strawberry Face Serum || Syrup Kiss Lip Stain

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