Profusion Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palettes

Want to know the best kept secret in the drugstore makeup aisle?

Profusion Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palettes

Hands down the BEST eyeshadow palettes in the drugstore aisle…

I would even go so far as to say they are just as good as any prestige eyeshadow palette

How can I make such a BOLD statement?

because it’s the TRUTH

What exactly makes a great eyeshadow palette?

pigment ||this I would say is the most important quality in eyeshadow. The more pigment [color payoff] you get in an eyeshadow just means you can spend less time applying your eye makeup. Yes, you can build up colors but that just means you have to spend more time in front of the mirror. Busy girls have no time for that.

Blend-ability ||No matter how awesome eyeshadow colors are if they don’t play nice with each other your eye makeup will just not look awesome. What do I mean by that? the success of your eye makeup depends on how well you blend your colors together. Making the areas where you add two colors together less noticeable…no obvious lines. Trust me you know what I’m talking about…

No Fall Out ||What’s that? Ever been putting on eyeshadow and when your done you notice flakes or dusting of color on your cheekbones or under eye area? That’s fall out. Sure, you can clean it up using concealer but again, that takes time. One of my goals here is to tell you about awesome products that will have you looking great while cutting down your getting out the door time. 

A mix of glitter\matte\shimmer colors||I LOVE glitter eyeshadow. I’m definitely not afraid of a little glow. However, in all aspects of life there must be moderation. Such is true in eyeshadow application, as well. That’s where matte colors come in. Feel free to add glitter, whenever you want but pair it with matte colors to tone down their effect, making them look awesome instead of garish. 

Long Lasting Color ||I didn’t really rank these in terms of which is most important because they are all important…BUT…let’s be honest, if eyeshadow disappears or creases by the end of the day it’s just not worth putting on in the morning. 

So, how many of these can you expect Profusion to preform?


Yes girl, you read that right. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE

The average cost of a prestige 25 pan eyeshadow palette is about $60[ish].
Profusion is $13 for a 35 pan palette.

The average cost of a prestige 12 pan eyeshadow palette is about $50[ish].
Profusion is $8[ish] for a 12 pan palette.

Considering the over $40 price difference and the fact that you won’t be giving up quality by trying out Profusion…why wouldn’t you give it a shot??

What I have…

Before you start scrolling I want to warn you, these palettes are definitely not new. Instead they are well used, but I wanted to show you how much I LOVE them and how often I use them.

Mattes..this is a favorite of mine. If I need a hurry up I gotta go look I always choose this one. 

Golden Nudes…this is my go-to summer favorite. It’s easy to come up with lots of fun summer looks. This one also has blush in it as well but I generally use them as eyeshadow rather than blush.

Sultry…yes, I know this one has seen better days…but…I dropped it and I was so upset. I kept it anyway because it was my very first palette and is still one I go to often.

Velvet Matte…this one is nothing but matte and every single color is beautiful. A favorite of mine and one I reach for often. This one is no longer available but HEREis a similar one.

Paradise…this one has a great selection of shimmers, glitters, and mattes. 

Festival…these colors are so PRETTY. Don’t assume that because they are bright (and they are) and pigmented (and they are) that this isn’t a palette you can use. You will be surprised how pretty this is when applied on your eyes.

What I want…

Profusion Chocolate 24 shade Palette 

Amber Eyes 12 Shade Palette

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