Wet n Wild’s Perfect Pout Lip Treatment System

One of the many things I learned from my Mama is sometimes you just need a “Happy.” According to Mama, a “Happy” was something you would consider an indulgence but it couldn’t be too expensive, like maybe $20. She really was the master at buying the perfect “Happy.”

These 3 products are a perfect example of a “Happy.”

Wet n Wild just launched a new Perfect Pout lip treatment system and I’m here to tell you that you need ALL of them. I don’t usually make such bold statements…keep reading and you will see why I think this way.

There are THREE products in the system and they are each infused with a special ingredient to help make it awesome

  • Perfect Pout Daily Lip Treatment
  • Perfect Pout Sleeping Mask
  • Perfect Pout Lip Scrub

Perfect Pout Sleeping Mask

This one was the first that I tried in the 3-part system and it only took one use for me to immediately want the other two.

You apply this one like the name suggests at night and it will definitely last all through the night. It is heavy enough for a layer of protection that will lock in moisture all night long.

Sleeping lip masks aren’t new, there are some great prestige options but they are pricy. When I saw this one I was so hoping it would be great…and it was.

WnW describes it like this…

An intensive overnight mask that soothes and moisturizes lips.

Lavender || lavender is used in many "night time" products because of its calming properties. It is also an anti-inflammatory making it soothing for skin that needs an extra bit of healing, a good choice for your lips.

The SMELL is AWESOME. I know that’s not why we choose products but the smell of this one [and really all of them] is really good.

Winter can be hard on our lips, since the cold dry air can remove any moisture for our skin. It is really important to take care of them but many times we tend to ignore them until they are dry and chapped. When in truth, regular maintenance can keep this from happening.

Not that this matters because you are asleep but this one gives your lips a beautiful shine. I’m not gonna lie, I might have used it during the day because it’s so pretty.

Perfect Pout Daily Lip Treatment

This one is made to use during the day, so, although it is soothing it isn’t as intense as the overnight option. Considering all the talking, eating, drinking and stuff we do all day, you will have to reapply BUT not that often.

This one does have some staying power.

WnW describes it like this…

A rich buttery balm that calms, restores and conditions lips.

Grapefruit || this is an antioxidant and contains lycopene which helps reduce inflammation. It is smoothing and healing to dry chapped lips. Grapefruit also helps to improve collagen production, and it's oils give our skin a kind of soothing effect. For lips, this is key. The skin on our lips often times is in need of being smoothed and soothed.

Mint ||this one will hydrate your skin [I know that's not your first thought when it comes to mint but there ya go] it helps to lock moisture into your lips. It will soothe your skin along the same lines as the grapefruit. Mint will also increase your blood circulation which in turns helps to nourish your skin, again, something dry cracked lips might need. Also, beneficial for lips that want to keep from becoming dry and cracked [remember the regular maintenance situation.]

Personally I’ve never thought about what grapefruit and mint would smell like when used together. Actually, they blend nicely together to form a kind of sweet candy smell. It’s as great as the lavender but different.

Perfect Pout Watermelon Lip Scrub

WnW released this in a limited edition series some time ago called “Flights of Fancy,” and it quickly became a cult favorite. When it went away, fans of this lip scrub demanded its return.

WnW describes it like this

Deliciously sweet and made with extra fine sugar, the Perfect Pout Lip Scrub will buff away dead skin from your lips, keeping them soft and heavenly.

Lip scrubs are probably more important than you might assume. It is something that you should actually be using a few times a week, especially if you suffer from chapped lips.

All that flaky and scaly skin that is associated with chapped lips MUST go. You can pile on your favorite lip balm all you want but until you remove that dead skin, no amount of hydration will work. It’s like that dead skin works like a barrier against the healing ingredients in your favorite balm.

Enter…the lip scrub.

Lip scrubs should be used at least twice a week but I have been known to use them more often.

Watermelon || this is the new "it" ingredient of the moment. As you look through the skincare aisle you will notice that many products will feature this as an ingredient. This is an especially good ingredient for lip scrubs because it is great for relieving dry cracked flaky skin.
Murumuru Seed Butter ||this one soothes and locks in moisture. It will also soothe sensitive or irritated skin which will help after you have exfoliated the thin skin of your lips. 
Tucuma Seed Butter ||this one is an emollient which will again make your lips super soft after the fine sugar works to remove the dead skin. This butter is extra moisturizing which is why you will find it more commonly used in products for dry skin.
Vitamin E || this is a workhorse in the skincare world and is used for a number of reasons. In this particular case, Vitamin E will help to strengthen the skin barrier of your lips. 

I can personally attest that this lip scrub is extremely moisturizing and I know why it is a cult favorite. Every single time I use it I am shocked at how moisturizing this is.

Some Final Thoughts…

The reason why I say that you MUST run to get all these products is simply this…they are awesome quality and the price is even better.

They each separately [and even more so] all together fit my Mama’s definition of a “Happy”….they are an indulgence [because your lips will feel as smooth as butter after you use them] and they are each around $3.98. Making them perfect for a “Happy” wether you get one or all three.

Let’s Get to the Details…

Perfect Pout Watermelon Lip Scrub {WALMART} || This one is the only one I can link because the other two are brand new products and available only in stores as of now.

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