Eyeshadow & My Rule of 3

A couple years ago I read an article by Bobbie Brown on applying eyeshadow. If you are unfamiliar with Bobbie Brown she is a world renowned makeup artist who founded her own vastly successful cosmetic company. She knows her stuff.

So, I can’t say that my Rule of 3 was completely my idea, but I did adapt it to fit me and my intense love of eyeshadow.

Although, Bobbie Brown prefers neutrals and sometimes I tend to love some color on my eyelids, her rule was easily adaptable to fit my needs. I know it can fit yours as well.

My Rule of 3 can be usesd no matter what color eyeshadow you want to wear. In fact, in every single picture I have ever taken {or most of them anyway} I have used this rule.

So, what is the Rule of 3?


Rule of 3

1.} First decided what color you want to wear. You will need light, medium, and dark shades of whatever color you choose. Remember this rule works with any color but it is important to make sure that the shades you choose are all in the same color family for this particular rule.

TOP: Light
MIDDLE: Medium

2.} Now for the placement…and for this rule placement is key.

  • LIGHT || goes all over the BOTTOM half of the eyelid from lash line to crease. When I say light it doesn’t have to be pale just the lightest of your three.
  • MEDIUM || goes on the lower lid from lash line to about mid eyelid…this does NOT go to the crease.
  • DARK || goes on at the lash line sort of like a heavy eyeliner.

These colors are pictured in the palette above

This makes kind of an ombre effect on your lower eyelid going from DARK, MEDIUM, and LIGHT.

That takes care of your lower lid and for this rule the most dramatic part of your eyes is your lower lid…


what do you do with your top half? Keep reading too see.

For the remaining two steps, I basically use the same two colors no matter what colors I have chosen to use on the bottom…

You will need…

Transition Color

This color will be applied along the top line of the “LIGHT” color at your crease.

It is used to “hide” [or blend] the line created with your LIGHT color.

Fortunately, this rule is easy in the fact that the only blending necessary is right here at this line between your transition color and the “LIGHT” color.

**side note here…the success of eyeshadow no matter what rule you follow is this…YOU MUST BLEND. BLEND. BLENDING IS KEY. Eyeshadow isn’t something to fear or avoid because you feel like it’s too much work. It’s a fun part of makeup and if you haven’t done it in a while GO for it! Just remember to BLEND**

OK…back to business.

One mistake that I want you to avoid is choosing a transition color too light. Of course, you don’t want it to be black but you also don’t want it to be light. For me I choose a tan or taupe color.

Highlight Brow Color

This one is used to highlight your brow line.

To set it apart from the rest of your eye makeup as a way to make your eyes pop.

It is usually the lightest color in your palette.

To apply simply put it right at your brow line.

Some Ideas…

LIGHT: Keeper
MEDIUM: Evolve
DARK: Ablaze
LIGHT: Heavenly
DARK: Cozy

Feel free to use glitter [I do!] but pair it with matte so it works well for day and night!

Eyeshadow is fun. However, I think it something that we get in a rut with or maybe even something we avoid all together. If this is you, I hope that this rule can help you as much as it has helped me.

Also, I always always wear primer! HERE is the one I love most.

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