Maybeline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer

I’ve looked at this for months, but I resisted buying it. I don’t know why. Maybe I just had other stuff to buy that I felt was more important.

I was wrong.

I should have snatched this up like it was the fountain of youth hanging out there in that aisle.

Little did I know or suspect that I would discover my ONE…my OG…that product that will ALWAYS be in my makeup drawer even if I’m trying out other concealers. This one will be MY concealer.

I’m guessing you guys can tell where this post is headed. You can read between the lines that I love this concealer. Keep on reading to hear why I love it and why I think you will too.

Side note…people say this one is a dupe for the cult favorite but much more expensive Shape Tape.

1.} The Applicator

I”ve never seen one like it….granted I also have never checked out every single concealer on the market, so there might be one there. I haven’t seen it yet though.

It’s a sponge applicator that is attached to the bottle.

To get the product out you simply turn the top of the bottle a couple times and the product comes up inside the sponge. After that just apply the concealer where you normally do.

I LOVE this far more than the traditional doe footed applicator found with most concealers.

2.} The Formula

It’s a thin but extremely pigmented concealer.

The pigmentation allows for the superb coverage it gives you and the thin texture allows for phenomenal blending ability.

This baby here blends better than any formula of anything I have ever used. I am actually able to use this without foundation. It will hide my blemishes and blend into my skin’s natural texture and tone without looking like I have applied any product.

This allows me to wear just bronzer and blush on those days when I’m not feeling makeup but I still have blemishes to deal with.

I follow a blogger that I LOVE and she doesn’t use foundation under her eyes at all preferring to allow the concealer to cover up everything. She does this so that her under eye area doesn’t get too “caked” with product. I have been testing this process (when I remember it) and it seems to work pretty well. I especially think this concealer in particular works well with this idea.

3.} The Coverage

Honestly you won’t believe the coverage until you try it, but here is my review anyway.


…from dark circles under my eyes + this little grouping of freckles under one of my eyes that makes that one look darker than the other + the redness along the crease of my nose (which I HATE) + any blemish that might find it’s way onto my face


…but if you are familiar with concealer then you know that sometimes they will cake up under your eye and eventually find it’s way into those fine lines and wrinkles we sometimes have under and around our eyes.

Not this one…


4.} The Extras

This one contains goji berry and haloxyl.

  • Goji Berry || is used to help smooth the skin’s appearance. It contains amino acids that also help with evening out the skin’s tone and color. It will also help to keep your skin moisturized which in turn helps with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Haloxyl || this one is used as a skin lightener because it helps reduce the appearance of under-eye darkness. It is made up of four ingredients and three of them are peptides (the building blocks that form proteins). These work by improving circulation and reducing broken capillaries under the eye that will make us appear to have dark circles. They also help to firm up the skin under our eyes which in turn will reduce dark circles.

These two ingredients help to make this concealer so effective.

5.} The Shade Selection

This concealer comes in several shades. A lot actually, in my opinion, most others will only give you a few basic options. This one comes in 11 colors. I chose the color fair, but will definitely grab a different one for summer.

Speaking of different colors, I read an article from Gigi Hadid’s makeup artist, and he used two different colors of this concealer on her to achieve a flawless look without using foundation. Maybe you want a “makeup” free option but you have areas that need covering up (and who doesn’t) this one might be a good one to play around with to see what you can come up with.

Picking your concealer shade?

This is kind of a tricky question. The basic answer is for the under eye area choose a shade one or two shades lighter than your skin color. However, if you have dark circles then there are a couple things to consider.

  • if the dark circles have a blue-tinge to them choose a yellow based concealer that is one or two shades lighter.
  • if the dark circles have a brown-tinge to them choose a peach or orange based concealer that is one or two shades lighter.

For your face choose a color that matches your skin tone. Personally, I use one color of concealer, but not gonna lie, I might try the “Gigi Hadid Make-up Artist Trick” and get more than one. I’ll let you know if I do.

Let’s Get to the Details!

THE PRODUCT: Maybeline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer

2 thoughts on “Maybeline New York Instant Age Rewind Concealer

  1. I wanted to buy this but I always buy something else instead, now after your review I have to have it.πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— thanks πŸ’œ


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