LORÉAl Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

I love this mascara.

I haven’t covered it in my blog yet because I have been trying other new mascaras and just haven’t had the opportunity. I have liked a lot of the new mascaras I have tested. A few I have LOVED, but none of them have succeeded in dethroning this one as my OG...one came close (click HERE to read which one.)

This one is by far on of the best drugstore mascara options out there. Mascara is one of the products I get asked a lot about. Drugstore beauty products aren’t for everyone. Some girls just love their prestige brands and that’s cool…different strokes for different folks and all that. However, I really think that mascara is where drugstore REALLY is just as good as prestige. Of course, I feel like drugstore is just as good in lots of areas, but I’m not alone in my thoughts on mascara.

I read about what makeup professionals keep in their makeup bags quiet often and you may be surprised to learn that many of them swear by drugstore mascara. Many of them will give the advice to save money in this area because the mascara found in the drugstore aisle really is comparable to that found on the prestige side of Ulta.

If you’re a prestige loving girl and want to give drugstore mascara a try this is an AWESOME one to test the waters so to speak..

This one was my ONE and ONLY until I started this blog and started testing other choices. However, this is the one that I always go back to in between testing.

It has a straight applicator wand and a medium to dry formula. It is very easy to build on layer after layer in order to get a more dramatic effect.

This one will last you until you’re ready to take it off at night. It will give you MINIMAL to NO smudging (I”d say it’s more like NO smudging) at the end of your day. Nor does it become dry and flaky. I mean there’s nothing worse than checking yourself out in the bathroom mirror in the middle of the afternoon and seeing black smudges or flakes under your eye.

If you like having lashes that look full and long, like falsies, Lash Paradise, is for you!

When doing research for this post, I read more than one reviewer that claimed this was a dupe for Too Faced’s “Better Than Sex” (their name not mine) Mascara. Which, if you are unfamiliar, is a cult favorite with thousands of devoted users.

If you have been wanting to try out a new mascara or maybe you are like me and like options. GET THIS ONE…you won’t be disappointed!

This one comes in both a washable and waterproof option. It also comes in a two-pack set with the lash primer that is another of my FAVORITE THINGS on the planet!

Let’s talk about that lash primer…

Now this…girls…this…stuff…is AWESOME.


You get what I mean? This stuff can make any mascara good. I’ve used tubes of it.

Let’s Get to the Details…

THE PRODUCT: LORÉAL Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara {WALMART, AMAZON} || LORÉAL Primer {WALMART, AMAZON} || The Combo Pack {WALMART}

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