I LOVE when I hear about new products from my friends. That is what happened with this product. Sitting at a ballpark a couple (maybe even three) years ago I learned about this product from a friend of mine. Actually I saw her hair and how pretty her curls where. She told me how she did it.

I purchased this one and I have been using it ever since.

What is it?

Well, it’s a curling iron but it’s more, kind of like a hybrid of curling iron and curling wand. The company says that “this styling tool is the perfect way to get salon worthy curls but without the hassle.”

Maybe you have problems using a curling iron or maybe you have an issue with curling wands {that will be me, I hate those things} this tool will help you with that.

This tool is fully-automatic. By that I mean you simply push the button, the barrel spins the hair it has captured and you have perfectly curled hair.

Anybody can use this. I realize it might look complicated but it isn’t. I also realize that it looks like your hair could easily get tangled in it but that isn’t the case either. Instead, this is incredibly easy to use while giving you awesome curls and waves.

  • curl dial creates curls in both left or right directions
  • ceramic infused 1″ barrel
  • 420 F max temperature
  • 2 heat options: high and low
  • Automatic shutoff after 90 minutes

This tool helps to eliminate those funny crimps and kinks that can happen with traditional curling irons. It also eliminates the need for heat resistant gloves that are sometimes necessary for curling wands.

My hair is super easy to curl and it holds curl very well. I don’t use the “Hi” setting on this because it curls so well. I also don’t hold the hair onto the tool for very long because this curls so incredibly well, which means that it doesn’t take long to curl. Now, personally I prefer waves to curls so I do a loose curl. Having said that, you can achieve any curl you want with this tool.

If you have always been kinda fearful of using a curling iron or wand, maybe it’s been a while since you have used one, this tool is for you. If you’re like me and you want to achieve curls that really will last forever…this tool is for you, too.

Let’s Get to the Details

THE PRODUCT: Kiss InstaWave Automatic Curler {Amazon} {Walmart}

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