TRESemmé Climate Protection Hair Spray

I think, in the year I’ve been writing this blog I have only reviewed one… yes, 1…hair spray. Technically that wasn’t even a post on here but a featured product on my Instagram.

Why is that? I don’t know really.

As crazy as this sounds, I feel like hair spray is something that we find and stick with. Like there isn’t anything flashy about hair spray. It’s a workhouse in the beauty department. Something that just gets the job done without much fanfare.


You are like my daughter who doesn’t use hair spray. Maybe you don’t see the need for it. If your hair style is straight and you never really vary from it maybe you’re right…

…but maybe not.

I know that I am not alone in my intense LOVE of the pony tail.

I know that there are a LOT of you who love them too.

Most of the time we grab a hair tie throw our hair up in a pony tail and run out the door…right girls? Ya’ll know I’m right.

However, what if we took a moment to tidy up that pony tail, add some spray to tame those fly away hairs, or even maybe we might could tease the top a little to get some volume. If we do just those two little things we have managed to create something a little more…polished. We still have that easy ponytail but it’s more. A little more effort goes a long way sometimes.

If by chance you wanted to do something like take your average pony tail up a notch then a good hair spray is necessary.

I grabbed this bottle a few weeks ago to test it out and…

I like it.

Now, this isn’t Grandma’s Aqua Net so if that’s your vibe you probably won’t like this. However, if you want a more subtle hold then this will be a good one to try.

This one is a hair spray but it’s more too…

Ever had a day when your hair looks great but step outside and the weather wrecks havoc on it? Well, it happens. I’m not saying that this hair spray will be the answer to all your weather problems but it won’t hurt.

In winter, sometimes we have to experience that awful phenomenon of static. Last week I published a post on Winter Hair Care and in that post I write about how important it is to keep your hair moisturized to help ward off static. That will help but in case you need a quick fix this hair spray will work as well.

In fact, just last night I had static in my hair and I grabbed this bottle. Girls, it worked. When I used it, the statin in my hair went away. This girls is awesome.

That’s where the “Climate Protection” part of this hair spray comes into play. Spray some of this on your hair and it will absolutely help you.

Did I like TRESemmé Climate Protection Hair Spray?

Yes, I like it a lot for a couple of reasons.

1.} It holds my hair

Again, it’s not Aqua Net but for an average day and an average hair style it’s great.

Going back to that ponytail from earlier,

I LOVE a pony tail and I wear them a LOT.

One thing about ponytails is this…I HATE flyaways and you definitely need something that will help you get rid of them.

This hair spray is awesome at that.

2.} It doesn’t make my hair stiff

You know how sometimes when you use hair spray there is just no going back from it? Except for washing it.

See, there is a problem with that.

I don’t always want to wash my hair everyday. What if I need to use hairspray but it isn’t on my prescribed hair washing days {Wednesday or Saturday.} A little dry shampoo and my hair is good to go.

For me, these two reasons are what makes this such great hair spray.

Let’s Get to the Details

THE PRODUCT: TRESemmé Climate Protection Hair Spray {WALMART}

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