Winter Hair Care

The calendar says it’s January even if it doesn’t feel like it at this moment. That’s winter in West Tennessee for you, one day it’s 60 degrees the next day it’s 20 degrees.

This post is made for those 20 degree days which we all know will come sooner or later.

As I have said on more than one occasion, we are super hard on our hair. We use heat tools, we blow dry it, we chemically process it, I mean you name it we put our hair through it all in the name of beauty. Then add into that mix changes in our environment and its no wonder our hair sometimes needs a little extra attention.

Just like summer, winter can be hard on our hair just for different reasons. The cold and dry air of winter can cause the cuticle of the hair strand to lift. The hair’s cuticles normal function is to keep everything locked in place, including moisture. Winter, though, that changes things up a little. That little “lift” that cold weather can cause in a hair shaft means that moisture won’t stay locked in place. Evaporating moisture means one thing…dry brittle easily broken hair.

Not only will the cold dry air rob your hair of moisture but the cold wind associated with winter months will cause your hair to tangle resulting in a need for extra brushing. This extra brushing can also cause breakage to our hair strands.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Not like we can move to Florida for the winter. Well, maybe some of us can, but if you’re like me, and Florida is out…here are some ideas to help battle winter hair.

1.} Cut down on water temprature

This one, this one hurts girls.

I LOVE hot showers…like the hotter the better.

Even though I know better. Hot water isn’t good for my hair or my dry skin either. Super hot water is drying. Well, honestly, extreme temperatures of any kind is drying to your hair. The best plan is to wash your hair in warm to cool water.

2.} Commit to weekly treatments

No matter your hair texture everyone needs weekly conditioning. Sure some girls may need more than others but every girl needs moisture. So, slather on the conditioner or a mask. Take about 30 minutes to let that moisture sink in.

Now, I can just hear some of you saying that you don’t think that your hair needs moisture. Maybe you have fine hair or hair that has a tendency to be oily? So, you assume you won’t need conditioner.

Girls, though, I’m here to tell you that all hair can become dehydrated.

Ever get static in your hair?

Ever wonder why…

well, I can tell you…static is tied to the moisture in your hair. If your hair has enough moisture then the charge will just go away but if there is no humidity or moisture then the charge will cause your hair to push against each other as if they were magnets. You know what I’m talking about. You have been there before.

Regular conditioning will help solve that annoying problem,.

If your hair is normally dry then an oil based conditioner is a good choice because they are heavier and might be necessary to combat the cold dry air. Another, good choice is to use a leave in conditioner to combat static.

Since I have such an intense love of hair masks, I have a page devoted to them…“My Favorite Hair Masks”. You can find it along the top bar on your desktop or if you click the lines on your phone you will find it there. Even better you can just go HERE to find it. Also, I have reviewed TONS of hair products if you go to the blog and type “hair care” in the search bar there are lots of posts that can be beneficial.

3.} Might want to go darker in winter

This will limit the amount of chemicals applied to your hair which understandably is always a good thing.

OK girls, honesty time here, I don’t do this.

I’m not going to do this.

I keep the same color year round, and I don’t plan on that changing anytime in the future.

In order to keep the color I love most I am willing to baby my hair. I do use hair masks every time I wash and I take even more extra care with more than an average amount of conditioners.

4.} Cut down on heat styling

The extra heat will result in split ends and breakage.

Make sure that you use heat protection every time you apply heat to your hair in the form of either a hair dryer, curling irons, straighteners you name it and your hair needs protection from it.

5.} Don’t go outside with wet hair

Remember how your mom used to tell you this. Well, she was right. Although the result isn’t a cold but hair breakage. When your wet hair strands expands it will cause your hair to break. Not only will your hair break but your color will fade as a result too.

So, maybe we should obey Mom on this one.

What I’m trying to say here…

is this if we want beautiful flowy tresses that look straight from a magazine then a little extra effort {not a lot but a little effort} is required of us especially in harsher months like the dead of summer and the heart of winter.

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