If you have decided to join me on my pursuit to not be so pasty and white this winter then you are going to need a good scrub.

This is one is a great idea…

It is an oldie but a goody. It has been a cult favorite for decades…I actually have great love for several products that have been around for a while, stood the test of time, so to speak {Go HERE and HERE to read some.}

Anyway…I digress…

You will always find this always be found in my shower, year round.

It is a gentle exfoliant that helps to clean out our pores. A good rule of thumb is that no matter how gentle the exfoliator might be you should only be using it once or at most twice a week.

Let’s Get to the Details

THE PRODUCT: St. Ives Acne Control Apricot Scrub {WALMART} ||OUTFIT DETAILS: Time and Tru V-Neck Sweater $14.96 {WALMART}

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