Surviving those Winter Blues

I do not like January and February…there I said it. It’s like after the Christmas rush is over you hit a wall of….nothing. For a minute the slow down is good, and then you realize it’s cold outside and you can’t go outside. The trees are bare. The grass is dead. Sorry…I was on a rant there for a minute.

Anyway, in order to help me fight the winter blues I decided to give something a try.

If you have followed me for a minute you know that I am a huge supporter of sunless tanning. There are so many awesome products available {even in the drugstore} that you don’t have to actually expose yourself to sun damage and possible skin cancer.

Can you tell where I’m going with this?

In in the hopes of helping me survive winter, I’ve decided to try out a sunless tanner to at least make me look less pasty. When I did my “Sunless Tanner Month” last year **yes, that will be returning this April 2020** I found a product that will be great to use during winter. I mean, let’s be honest, I don’t want to look like I do in July in January. Plus, I want the upkeep to be simpler and I think this product will work well with that.


Self-tanner can come in several forms like a lotion, serum, and in this case a mousse. A “water-mousse” to be more precise. A mousse is a good option if you are a beginner to self-tanning. There are just a few things to remember when dealing with a mousse. The amount of product is really a key to your success or failure with any self-tanner but a mousse especially. Unlike a cream, the liquid texture of a mousse means a little goes a long way! Not a biggie if you get too much just be careful

This one is infused with coconut water and Vitamin E. I have the “medium” version but it comes in a light version as well.

As I stated above, when I was testing this earlier last year I just knew this would be a good choice to use during the winter. It will allow you to have a great color with out looking like your July self in January! I have never used a self-tanner year round but I’m excited to see if having a little color in January will help me like winter a little more!

Let me make a disclaimer here.

I don’t like this one for myself in summer. I would never reach for this one in June. Why? I wasn’t able to achieve the level of “dark” that I like for summer. I mean if you’re going to go to the trouble of applying a self-tanner you might as well be dark! However, for some girls I think that this will be a perfect self-tanner. If you are fair-skinned this will give you just the right amount of color. If, perhaps, you don’t like a dark tan then this one will be a great option to try.

What I LOVED about this product?

The….SMELL…this L’ORÉAL mousse smells FABULOUS. This is the best smelling self-tanning product I have ever used, hands down. I was shocked by it actually.

I’m linking some posts from my Self-Tanner Month for you to read if you are interested.

Let’s Get To The Details


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