Favorite Products of 2019 — Number 1

Number 1 Pantene Rescue Shots

My FAVORITE product of 2019. I will absolutely as long as possible always have these in my hair care drawer. I love this so very much…I mean where do I start in my love for this stuff.

Pantene has been producing Rescue Shots in Brazil for a while now but it was only released in the United States this year.

This is the first at home hair treatment offered by Pantene and it was made especially for girls who have dry, damaged and over processed hair. We put our hair through the ringer between bleach, coloring, the sun, heat styling tools…all this adds up to one thing, damage.

What makes these so effective?

They are full of a Provitamen B blend added with some lipids and a natural glycerin. The lipids and glycerin will head straight to the damaged areas to be absorbed into your hair rather than sitting on top of the hair like other hair products. ALL these ingredients help to repair damage {like split ends}.

I can personally attest {because I have bought boxes of these over the year} that these just work.

It absolutely does exactly what it says it will do.

It is hands down the best hair product I have ever used both drugstore and prestige combined.

I actually gave up a prestige product for these Pantene Rescue Shots. Let me be honest here, I baby my hair. I protect it. I would regularly purchase Olaplex and I did so for years. It killed me to do so but I did it anyway. I was resigned to using it forever because again it’s my hair. I do a lot to it.

Since I have been using this my hair has never been so healthy. I LOVE this product.

In fact, when I first reviewed this product I wrote this…

“I LOVE this product. It will go down as my favorite drugstore product of all time and it will take something amazing to knock it off that throne!”

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Considering that I have named this my Number 1 Favorite Product in 2019 goes to prove how much this product really is the best.

Best of all…you can get this box of goodness for less than $5 and there are three Ampoules (tubes) in each box.

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