Favorite Products of 2019 — Number 9

Number 9 Wet n Wild “Rosé in in the Air”

I first reviewed this product as an installment of my “This or That” where I take drugstore products that are said to be “dupes” for prestige products.

What is a dupe? Well, it’s not a fake. Instead, it’s a product that is a kind of “duplicate” of another product. A dupe is a product that is great but made better because it is similar in ingredients, function, or appearance of a product that generally costs more money.

I LOVE Wet n Wild products in general. If you have read very much of my blog it doesn’t take a long time to figure that out! I really love their eyeshadows. They’re pigment quality is great and they are relatively inexpensive.

“Rosé in in the Air” is full of colors that would be flattering on every girl. It definitely is something I’m am so excited I added to my makeup bag in 2019!

Click HERE to read more about my Number 9!

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