My Favorite Stocking Stuffers

I went all through my past posts to find some fun stocking stuffer ideas. I have given you links to purchase and to read the posts if you are interested.

Nivea Creme

What list would this be if I didn’t include this one? It’s an awesome product. If you don’t want to give a huge bottle this one comes in several sizes, including a small travel option for less than one dollar!


Tinkle Razor

One of the best things I’ve done (as far as skin care goes) is shaving my face. I know, if you haven’t heard me speak about this before, that this might sound unusual, but it’s not. IT’S THE BEST idea ever!


L’ORÉAL Unlimited Lash Lengthening Mascara

This is a new release for 2019 and, in my humble opinion, one of the best drugstore mascaras…ever. It’s revolutionary bendable brush head helps to make this one a great choice. It comes in both washable and waterproof formulas.


Pantene Rescue Shots

OK…now potentially the box might be too big for your stockings but the ampoules (little tubes inside) are just the right size. This stuff is magic and one of my favorite things that debuted in 2019.


Nude Lip Trio

Every…Girl…Needs…a nude lip.

Think of it like the “Little Black Dress” of your makeup bag, perfect for any occasion.

  • Liner || Wet n Wild Gel Lip Liner {Bare to Comment}
  • Lip Color || Wet n Wild Silk Finish {Breeze}
  • Lip Gloss || NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss {Creme Bruelee}

PURCHASE {liner} | {gloss} || READ

PhotoFocus Eyeshadow Primer

This product is a workhouse. It “works” hard to make sure that your eyeshadow stays where it should and keeps it looking as fresh as when you put it on that morning. This also helps those beautiful drugstore eyeshadows to go on with a pigmentation quality to rival prestige pallets.


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