Help from an Old Friend…L’ORÉAL Elvive Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm

What happens when you keep forgetting your Pantene Rescue Shots || Go HERE and HERE to read about them || well, nothing good happens when you forget them. Your ends get dry, your hair looks sad, and fried. Nothing good my friend, nothing good.

Well, if that ever happens to you, and I sincerely hope it does not, I have a solution. That solution comes in the form of an old friend of mine…I’ve spoken about this one on Instagram before but decided to do a post on it!

L’ORÉAL Elvive Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm

Yeah, I know that’s a mouthful but it’s awesome and it’s what I always turn to when my hair is in need of repair.

This is actually a dupe, so I’ve heard but I’ve never used it, of Kératase Masque. The chances of this being true is actually pretty good. In case you didn’t know BOTH of these products are made and owned by The L’ORÉAL Group.

Yep, the L’ORÉAL company owns both L’ORÉAL and KERASTASE. Crazy right.

The first five ingredients in these two products are the same. I’m sure there may be some differences between the two. There may also be differences in texture and smell but the actual ingredients are the same.

Again, I’ve never tried the Kérastase product but I have used JARS, yes plural, of the L’ORÉAL one and I swear by it. It will help your damaged locks!

I would recommend this to anyone! It’s a keeper girls!

Let’s Get to the Details

L’ORÉAL Paris Elvive Repair Hair Balm

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