Thanksgiving Tablescape

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? After you put that turkey in the oven I have an easy tablescape that you can do. It’s great if you have kiddos at your events or if you have a “kid table” it’s a good option for that. However, personally I think anyone would love this idea.

Let’s get started

Gather your supplies

This is really limitless.

If you don’t have any of the above that’s cool, just use whatever fall themed decor you love.

I would suggest that you come up with a color scheme. I chose a jewel toned them with green candles.

The only thing that you need for this particular design is the craft paper, which I have linked at the bottom of the post.

Grab some flowers from your local grocery store. You can see I choose to do two arrangements but feel free to adjust that to the length of your table. Also, don’t assume that you have to spend lots of $$ on flowers, this bunch of florals cost me less than $5.

Don’t be worried. Floral arrangements like these aren’t hard. Basically you just cut the stems off at differing lengths and put them into any container you choose. Here I used a couple of vintage Ball jars.

For this next step, spread the craft paper along the length of your table.

For this design, I staggered all the “tall” components along the center of the table.

Now take, what I will call filler, and place them in between each tall element in your design. So that they will take up all the space.

For my filler, I used limbs of a vintage Christmas tress. I have a couple vintage Christmas trees that I don’t have room for anymore. However, they have beautiful limbs that I use quite often as fillers in arrangements or to add texture to garland.

If I had not had this I would have just went and cut live pine or cedar and used that.

Again, the possibilities of this are endless.

Now add in the other things you have collected. This is the fun part. Just pile it all on. There is no right or wrong to this part.

Now that this is complete the fun part of this design begins.

Grab a sharpie and write along the side of the paper. I chose to write “I’m Thankful For…” but you can choose to write anything you would like.

The idea that makes this table-scape so cool is that all your guests will write on the craft paper runner what they are thankful for.

Don’t worry the craft paper is thick and should protect your table. It worked for mine and didn’t bleed through.

Here ya go! A Thanksgiving table that your guests will love and is super easy to recreate.

Now, let’s talk about this outfit!! You gotta have something to wear right?

The sweater is from last year but I have linked a similar one below.

The skirt is one of my FAVORITE Amazon finds ever. It’s a “faux” suede but a very good faux. It zips in the back. It has a bit of stretch but like always I ordered up. The price of this skirt makes it even more unbelievably amazing at $25.99.

The over the knee boots I found on They are an excellent price. The material is sort of unusual kind of like velvet but not. I like them. I have worn them with pants and with the skirt above I will say that I like them better with the skirt. The price though, that makes them a great buy if you only want some to wear occasionally. If you are looking for a pair of OTK boots to wear on the regular these probably won’t be them.

All outfit details are linked below.

Let’s Get to the Details

THE SWEATER: Prettygarden Lantern Sleeve Sweater {Amazon} || THE SKIRT: Simplee Apparel {Amazon} || THE BOOTS: Fahrenheit Over the Knee High Heel Boots {Walmart} || THE KRAFT PAPER: Duck Brand Kraft Paper {Walmart}

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Thanks and Much Love

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