Christmas and the White Bathroom

We built our home 18 years ago, and have steadily over the last 5-ish years repainted the rooms in it. You know how your house just gets “lived-in” {especially with FOUR kids.} Rooms just need repainted.

Well, we had two rooms left unchanged…the bathrooms. How did that happen? Who knows.

Have you ever walked into a room and was like “if I see this ugly room…one…’mo…time…Ima loose my mind!!”

Does that happen to you?

Well it did me and then I finally did something about it.

Everything went white.

My fam looked at me like I was crazy cause all white isn’t really my thing but I just KNEW it would be awesome.

I’ve never in my life chalk painted anything but I decided to chalk paint my bathroom vanity, dresser and makeup vanity. Thank God it worked out or my fam might have killed me!

It was all fine and good until I realized something…

what do you do with a white and pink bathroom at Christmas?

When it comes to Christmas decorating I am a traditionalist down to my painted toenails. It’s RED and GREEN for me.

However, no way could I put that in my new bathroom {yes, everyone else in the family uses it but really it’s MINE} it would clash and not work!

So, I decided a little untraditional Christmas decorating was in order…below are the results

Everything in the bathroom is linked below! Also, if you scroll to the bottom there is a “How to” tutorial for making your own designer garland!

This jewelry tower is the BEST purchase ever! All my jewelry fits in there.
The cosmetic caddy on top isn’t bad either!
This is that AWESOME tree I purchased from Dollar General for a mere $20!
My sweet Mom was an amazing cross stitcher. I would even call her an artist in that form. That is one of her pieces in the gold frame.
The vintage Christmas tree was made by my Grandmother, Mamaw Taylor!
Yep, that wreath was from Dollar General too. I just added some things to it!

How to make that garland?

I saw an awesome garland in a store but it cost EIGHTY DOLLARS…$80…No WAY am I paying $80 for garland. This is a super easy thing to recreate I’ve put together a little “How to” in case your interested!

  1. Gather your supplies and this is really limitless. Whatever you want in your garland is completely up to you and you can absolutely theme it to any decorating scheme you have.
  2. When you are choosing what to put in your garland, there are a couple choices. You can choose picks {which are single items.} You can also choose floral bushes, I think that these are great options because they will contain more florals making this a better bang for your buck. Just grab a wire cutter and cut the stems of the bush apart.
  3. I wanted to “flock” mine because I needed it to match the tree in the room. This is a great product that allows you to have flocked wreaths, trees, or garland at a fraction of the price. It lasts well and the cleanup is a breeze.
  4. You can add as much or as little as you want completely a personal choice. I chose to do just enough to give it color but not too much since it was going above the mirror.
  5. There are a couple of choices to get your florals on your garland. You can use floral wire or…
  6. You can also use the limbs on the garland itself to attach the florals.

Let’s Get to the Details

THE JEWELRY TOWER: {Hives and Honey Nora Standing Jewelry Armoire} Walmart || THE VELVET DRAPES: {Heritage Plush Velvet} Amazon ||THE SHIRT: {Charlie Brown Christmas} **mine is old but this is a similar one ** Amazon || THE MIRROR: {Ornate Ivory Framed Mirror} Kirklands || THE COSMETIC CADDY: {AmeriTech Makeup Organizer} Amazon || THE PAINT: {Kilz Chalk Paint} Walmart

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