Gift Guide: Designer Inspired

This one was super fun to compile. I regularly search the “designer inspired” on Amazon just to see what is available. It’s a great way to add a little luxury without breaking that budget! Hope you have fun with this gift guide

Each item is linked just click the price!

{1.} The Cartier Inspired Nail Bracelet $16.99

{2.} The Hermés Inspired Bracelet $12.80

{3.} The Cartier Inspired love Bracelet $17.99

{4.} David Yurman Inspired Bracelet $15.99

{5.} David Yurman Inspired Link Bracelet $16.89

{6.} Chanel #5 Inspired Pearl Necklace $17.99

{7.} David Yurman Inspired Ring $22.99

{1.} Christian Dior Inspired “D” Shaped Bag $59.00

{2.} Gucci Inspired Bee Belt $23.99

{3.} The Chloé Inspired Bag $32.99

{4.} The Goyard Inspired Tote $42.99

{5.} Gucci Inspired Bee Purse $46.99

{1.} LV Inspired Air Pod Case $22.99

{2.} LV Inspired Bear Keychain $11.99

{3.} Gucci Inspired Air Pod Case $19.99

{4.} Gucci Inspired Ribbon Brooch $16.23

{5.} Gucci Inspired Sunglasses $13.99

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