Queen Helene Coco Butter Face + Body Créme

Dermatillomania || a compulsive disorder associated with anxiety in which the sufferer repeatedly picks at their skin

I can’t remember a time in my life that at least one of my fingers didn’t look like this one. Most of the time, it’s more than one finger although my thumbs are often the victim of this disorder of mine.

I mean, I have absolutely not one single memory in which I did not pick at my fingers. Not one…

I try my best to hide it. It’s not something one talks about our anxieties, stresses, or the things that depress us. Right? Those are the things we hide from people like we should be ashamed of them.

I don’t really think about picking my fingers while I’m doing it. My family is always trying to remind me to quit. Sometimes I know when I’m doing it. Sometimes I don’t have a clue until I feel the blood run down my finger.

When I was much younger, it was very bad. I didn’t understand things like anxiety and stress. As I have grown older, I have learned more. I have learned about prayer and meditating on the bible verses God has lead me to, in order to help during times when my life feels out of control. This has helped me, so much.


As evident in the picture above, taken Friday, I still very much fall victim to anxiety. I think we, especially on social media, aren’t really willing to talk about the hard stuff. No one likes to tell people they suffer from anxiety or that occasionally the stresses of life overwhelm them. No one likes to show their “hurting fingers” in whatever form that looks like. I have definitely been known to “hide” my fingers in pictures and in public.

My fingers are actually one of the things that lead me to my love of researching products. I know that one way for me to keep myself from picking at them is to make sure that they are kept moisturized. If there is even one tiny hang-nail or a bit of dry skin, I will pick at it. So, I started researching moisturizers trying to find the best ones.

And eventually, I started researching everything else related to skincare and beauty.

which lead me to this blog.

Sometimes, good things do come from hard times.

What does all this have to do with this product?

Well, I am a manic about what I put on my hands as far as moisturizers go. The moisturizers have to be top notch because I know that any little bit of dry skin I might have…I will pick at it, and that’s just the truth.

So, if I tell you something is a good moisturizer for your hands it really is.

This one really is.

It is kind of a cross between a lotion and a cream. A little bit thicker than a lotion but not a heavy cream either. As much as I need an intense moisturizer, I hate thick heavy ones. This one has kind of a “whipped” texture.

I want to make a mild disclaimer, if you have ever used coconut oil before then you know the “oily” sort of feel it leaves on your hands? This one does that as well, {kind of} but it dries quickly on my hands. I say {kind of} because although it is similar it isn’t anywhere near as oily as straight coconut oil. I don’t feel like for me this is a problem, but felt I should mention it.

Not only is it great for your hands but I have also used it on my face several times and it feels fabulous. This would NOT be something that you would use in your morning routine under makeup because it is too thick for that. This is a great choice for night time. I would suggest using it as your last step in your night time moisturizing routine because it has an oil kind of texture.

And the smell…it smells so good. It has a classic coconut smell that is amazing.

Best thing about this moisturizer….it’s under $3!!!

Leave a comment below if you have a favorite moisturizer or maybe a way you manage stress!

Let’s Get To The Details

Queen Helene Cocoa Cutter Face + Body Créme || Walmart || Amazon || If you are local I purchased mine at the Family Dollar in Adamsville

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