Herbal Essences Hair Mask Hydrate Coconut Milk || Repair Argan Oil of Morocco

I love these hair masks. I know that I start every singe post I do on hair masks like that but as I’ve shared before these single use packs are awesome.

These though, they are really good and inexpensive options. I know that not everyone has disposable incomes to spend on hair conditioner but that doesn’t mean we might not need it. Maybe we don’t need it but we just want it. I firmly believe that some, not all, but some girls love stuff like this and I LOVE to find them for you. It’s even better when they are such good deals.

These packs are $1.36 each. For less than a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper you can have either of these two great options.

Not only are they inexpensive but they are great quality.

I’ve tried a lot of hair masks since I started this blog. These they rank in the top 5 at least.


For starters, they are sulfate free.

I’ve shared numerous times how important it is for the general health of your hair to use sulfate and paraben free products. This is even more true if you are a gal that frequently colors her hair. To find hair masks that are sulfate free is a relatively new thing in the drugstore aisle. These are also 90% derived from natural ingredients.

The smell…girls…the…smell.

Absolutely, the smell ranks as one of the best I’ve ever used. They smell so good, both of them, and they each smell unique. Sometimes hair masks from the same company smell similar, not so with these. Not only do these both smell good but they were also extremely effective. Each left my hair feeling extra soft after I used them.

The Coconut Milk will deeply hydrate your thirsty strands but unlike some coconut products it wasn’t too intense. The coconut smell isn’t too overpowering with this one, instead it’s pleasant.

The Argan Oil will repair any damage and restore smoothness to an otherwise frizzy hair situation.

If you are looking to give a hair mask a try I would definitely recommend one {or both} of these.

Let’s Get to the Details

These are not available online but in store only.

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