Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette || Comfort Zone

This palette is not new…the packaging is, but the palette itself has been around for years. Several years ago, WnW started changing and stepping up their game to become the company it is today. One of the first things they did was release an 10 pan palette. Those took the drugstore beauty world by storm. They sold out quick. I remember it took me a minute to get it.

This palette here, is the second one of Comfort Zone I have ever owned. I had to throw that first one away because many of the colors were used up. That is a testament to how much I loved it…still do as a matter of fact.

If you’re a girl that loves to have…all…the…palettes {I’m right there with you} then you NEED this one.

If you’re a girl that doesn’t like too many choices and just wants a good quality eyeshadow with a variety of colors….then you NEED this one.

Are you sensing a theme here?


Let’s Get to the Details

Wet n Wild Color Icon 10 Pan Palette | Comfort Zone

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