No Boundaries Stripped Skinny Jeans

A good pair of jeans can be worth my weight in gold…a bit dramatic I know…BUT…Have you been jeans shopping, lately? It can rival bathing suit shopping if you ask me.

Maybe it’s just me but when I go into the dressing room to try a pair on I have a certain expectation of how I want them to fit or more like how I think they are going to fit…the reality, doesn’t always live up to the hype!

Jeans are like people they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

You can find them at every price point imaginable.

The jeans of today are NOT like the jeans of my youth. Today’s jeans can have so much stretch to them that by the end of the day you have pulled them up at least 5,000 times. You know you are winning when you find the pair that has just enough stretch to be comfy but enough stiffness to keep their shape.

Of course, in some cases you get what you pay for but you girls know, I HATE to pay a lot and my number one hobby is finding AWESOME quality stuff at less expensive prices.

That leads me to this pair of jeans.

EC and I were in Memphis recently for an appointment and we stopped at a Walmart. This is a hobby of ours to stop a Walmart’s and see what we can find. I saw this pair of jeans and immediately FELL IN LOVE.

I kid you not…the first pair I found was a size 4 and your girl here is NOT a 4. So, I immediately went on the hunt to find them because I just knew God would not allow that to be the only one I found. Fortunately I found a whole rack of them.

Now, let’s talk sizing.

No one ever wants to talk sizing

but it’s necessary and now more than ever size really is just a number. Every clothing company has their own patterns and factories that cut to dimensions unique to them. NO ONE uses just one pattern scale meaning a size 8 in one store is not always a size 8 in another.

Fit is WAY more important than size.

Let me say it again for the sweet girl in the back


This makes ordering on-line difficult I realize; so, reading reviews is always important. In some brands, I just have to go up to a 10. That doesn’t mean anything more than that brand cuts a smaller pattern than the brand where I wear a size 8.

What does matter and mean the most is what is most flattering on me?

I mean when someone compliments us on a cute pair of jeans we don’t say, “Oh, thanks so much it’s a size 8.” That would be weird.

So, back to these jeans. I LOVE THESE JEANS. Like I seriously LOVE them.

They are juniors {Yes, you don’t have to be a junior to wear jeans in the junior section} you just have to GO UP IN YOUR SIZING. Because they do cut junior clothing on a smaller scale.

Also, as many of you with daughters know sizing for juniors are odd numbers and sizing for women’s is even numbers.

I got a size 13 in these pants which is roughly a size 10 in women’s but I generally wear a size 8.

See, what I did there? The size in these jeans absolutely does not matter what matters is that they are so stinking cute.

The red stripe on these pants make them very trendy and fun. The price tag {under $20} makes them even better.

The fit of these are crazy good. I am really shocked at the quality. I have worn them at least 5 times without washing because I wanted to see how well they held up. The result…they have held their shape unlike even some of my more expensive jeans. You can’t see those annoying “knee” marks that can sometimes happen the more jeans are worn and stretched up. These have help up far more like a jean with a much higher price point.

The biggest question I know you are wondering about…are they comfortable.


Let’s Get to the Details

The Jeans: No Boundaries Juniors’ Striped Skinny Jeans || The Shirt: “Do the Nice Thing? Everywear Graphic Tee || The Shoes: Time and Tru Leopard Shoes

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