Hair Food Nourishing Coconut Hair Mask

“Feed your hair…”

Hair Food Website

That’s exactly what I felt like when I used this mask.

You ever make a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier and you decide to keep that resolution. You know how much better you feel when you actually follow through with it and put good food in your body?? That’s what this is like, except for your hair.

I have shared how much I love these one time use hair masks. They are full of great ingredients that can help out struggling hair without breaking your bank account.

I have reviewed several of them {I have a tab here on the blog that you can find reviews.} I have loved some, and I have liked a lot more. This one though…this one I loved.

The consistency was thick but easy to massage into your hair.

This one is | sulfate free * paraben free * dye free | making it a good choice for EVERY girl even those who chemically process their hair. I would say that this mask is good for all hair types. However, like I have said before if you are a girl with fine or short hair then you might not need to use the whole packet and can get more than one use from it.

This one is full of coconut which will give your dry strands the hydration they need. However, the smell isn’t a typical coconut smell. It does smell like coconut but lighter almost like a coconut chai spice smell. I really loved the smell of this mask. It isn’t overpowering either as coconut can be sometimes. I think someone who is sensitive to smells would be fine with this one.

Let’s Get To The Details

Hair Food Coconut Sulfate Free Hair Mask

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