The Absolute BEST heels on Amazon

I’m sure that Amazon has lots of cool heel options and I plan on diving into them soon. However, last year I needed a pair of cool heels for a Christmas Party, so the first place I hit up was Amazon. I came up with this pair here.

Coincidentally those same heels {or a pair that looks IDENTICAL} appeared in today’s Jane Daily Top 5.

I had several ask me about them so I decided to link them here. I can’t link directly to Instagram yet, maybe one day. So it’s just easier to do a post!

I got the black but it comes in several colors: black, green, blue, hot pink, red, and a light pink.

I ordered an 8 1\2 which is my normal size. If I order again I would order a 1\2 size lower.

They are high heels so it’s not like they are Nikes. They won’t ever be the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear. Having said that they certainly aren’t the most uncomfortable high-heeled shoes I’ve ever worn!

I asked my blog photographer || Elle-Catherine || if she could snap a quick pic of my shoes. Here ya go! Link is down below.

Let’s Get to the Details


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