Mammy’s Soap Co. Hawaiian Butter Body Oil

Believe it or not, despite the temperature right now, winter is on its way bringing with it colder weather and dry skin. It’s just a fact that cold weather saps the moisture from our skin making it drier. For some if you have really oily skin this might not matter to you, but for some drier skin girls this is no fun. It will peel, turn red and itch all at the same time.

Body Oil is a great product to have on your vanity for those cold winter months or really anytime. A good body oil will moisturize your skin without leaving you feeling oily like suntan lotion. If it makes you feel like you took a bath in old school Coppertone oil then you are using the wrong kind of body oil.

Why use a body oil?

  • It will help lock in the moisture on your skin.
  • Oils are full of highly concentrated forms of moisturizing ingredients making them more effective.
  • Oils will also create a barrier between your skin and the harsh elements of cold dry weather. Make no mistake these products aren’t JUST for winter but for every day all year long. Sometimes we don’t always pay attention to our skin’s moisture levels until winter hits and we find ourselves with uncomfortable dry skin.
  • It will take a body oil longer to soak into your skin resulting in our skin retaining more moisture from those hydrating ingredients.

How to use body oil?

The easiest way to use them is immediately after a shower. There are two ways that you can use it…

  • Apply it BEFORE you towel dry. After applying it dry off using the pat not rub method. This might be a great option for the girl who doesn’t want an oily feel to her skin.
  • Another option, and one that I use because I have dry skin. Apply it AFTER you towel dry {use the pat not rub method} then apply your body oil.

You can also use it by placing a small amount in your favorite face lotion then applying that to your face. Be careful of this method if you are prone to breakouts.

You can also use it before shaving in order to prevent razor burn if you are prone to experiencing that.

Mammy’s Soap Co. Hawaiian Butter Body Oil

I recently tried this product and I LOVE it. This is an excellent choice for a body oil.

Michelle Richards is the owner and operator of Mammy’s Soap Co, which is located here in McNairy County. Essentially she IS Mammy’s Soap Co. She makes every product by hand and picks only the very best ingredients. For example, this body oil has exactly six ingredients….six ingredients. If you have read any labels lately then you know that is not a lot of ingredients. If you have allergies that make using some beauty products difficult or impossible then Mammy’s might be a great source for you.

This oil is lightweight and you do not feel like you have took a bath in old school Coppertone Oil. My skin feels so soft after using it. I use it after my showers and if summer had a smell it would be this. So, if you’re trying to hold onto summer with both hands this will help.

As you can see this is applied using a sprayer. This sprayer is fantastic. Actually it is the absolute best way to apply body oil. More so than anything I have ever used.

They are available in the following scents…Cashmere Rose, Island Coconut, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Peppermint Vanilla, Relax, Sea Glass, Spell Bound, Blue Agave, BoHo, Date Nite, Haughty, and Sugared Grapefruit.

You can purchase via her website (link below) or if you are local she has a store located in Selmer.

Let’s Get To The Details

Hawaiian Butter Body Oil

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