Maui Moisture Color Protectant + Sea Minerals Shampoo and Conditioner

First thing first…these two products SMELL AMAZING. Like so good, when I first saw it sitting there on the shelf I was wondering what sea minerals actually smell like…well, I don’t know about sea minerals but this smells almost fruity like.

I don’t know about you but I usually choose my shampoo and conditioner using a small check list…

  • Smell (check) (check)
  • Silicone and Paraben Free (check)
  • Color Protectant (check)

Maui Moisture is a drugstore brand but it is one of those boutique higher end drugstore options. I have used their products in the past and they have always been yummy.

According to their website they use products that can be found on tropical islands, like their name might suggest. They also start with a proprietary blend of Aloe Vera that is infused with pure coconut water.

Both of these products (like all their products) are free from silicones, paragons, and gluten. Every girl needs to make sure that their shampoo and conditioner is free from these things, but IF you are a girl that uses any kind of chemical treatment on your hair then you REALLY need to make sure you choose products that don’t contain them. Why? they will prematurely make your hair color fade and who wants that!

Sea Algae

You know that gross brown seaweed that we all hate to see when we hit the beach for our summer vacation. Well, we might not like it in the Gulf of Mexico but in our shampoo and conditioner it’s amazing. Trust me this does NOT smell like gross seaweed.

This ingredient will help promote hair growth as well as sustain any new growth making it look healthy. They are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which will help give your hair follicles the nutrients needed for growth and help to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp.

Our overall general health will always come out in our hair. If we aren’t in the best of health then our hair is the first to go or the first place we see the effects and that sometimes comes in the form of thinning hair. Sea kelp or algae is an awesome way to combat that. This makes it a smart ingredient to hair that is chemically processed. Those treatments that we all love to get can sometimes be hard on our hair and scalp. Sea Algae will help

Would I recommend this product?

Yes, I loved using these two. As I mentioned above the smell is fabulous, however, writing this post has made me realize something even more AMAZING!

Some history on my hair…it does not grow fast. Think molasses in January over here.

Fast forward to today…

My hair has grown SO MUCH.

My sweet hair stylist, Michelle, was shocked at how much my hair has grown and I didn’t really know any reason for such a spike in growth. Until now…

It has taken me about 2 months to get through this shampoo and conditioner (every four day washer here). I can absolutely say my hair has experienced a spike in growth. In fact, this past Sunday on of my favorite lady’s on the planet asked me if I had gotten extensions.

I don’t know for sure if these products are the reason behind my hair growth but it sounds like it’s a pretty good possibility…

Let’s Get to the Details

Maui Moisture Color Protectant + Sea Minerals Shampoo | Maui Moisture Color Protectant + Sea Minerals Conditioner

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