That Time I wore That Cool Shirt

I was scrolling through Amazon and found this shirt.. Then I forgot about it…as I do lots of times.

Then I found it again and decided to order it.

I loved it. This top was such fun to wear.

This is a chiffon high low tunic. It is sheer so you absolutely have to wear a tank top but I didn’t mind that. The front came down low enough for me and wasn’t a crop top at all. I was a little concerned about that just looking at the picture.

I ordered a large. Basically I always size up when ordering from Amazon because you never know how the sizing situation goes.

The Shorts

My shorts are American Eagle.

Now, I know that sounds like a store only college girls go to but that’s just not true. They have some cute pieces you just have to be more selective. However, their denim shorts, and skirts too really, are always awesome.

Remember my trick about ordering up for Amazon. Well when ordering American Eagle Denim you sometimes have to order up. When I buy their jeans, I don’t order up because those fit pretty true to size most of the time. When getting shorts or skirts, though, order up one of two sizes because that will make them not so short.

The Earrings

I LOVE hoops. I wear them…all…the…time…I sometimes have to stop myself from wearing them so much. These are a neat alternative to the standard hoop.

The Details and Stuff

THE SHIRT: {ZerMom Chiffon Blouses Sleeveless High Low} || THE SHORTS: {American Eagle} || THE EARRINGS: {Three Piece Square Hoop Set}

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