Graphic Tees and Why You Need Them in Your LIFE!!

Graphic Tee || What is it? || basically a jazzed up tee shirt

I mean who doesn’t love a tee shirt. They are the staple of every gal’s wardrobe. Now, you can find tee shirts of every shape, color or size with any and every type of description on them and we love then all.

What distinguishes a graphic tee from any old average tee?

For starters…

THE FIT || they are usually cut to a smaller fit…more like a vintage feel. Not like your average everyday tee shirt and the fit is where you will find the most difference. Don’t assume that just because it’s a men’s graphic tee you can’t rock that bad boy cause you can. In fact there is a certain Tupac one hanging in my Jackson’s closet that I’m about to totally steal!

THE DESIGN || This is where graphic tees get really fun. They can have any number of things on the front of them from rock bands, to slogans, or funny sayings. If you think it…you can probably find a graphic tee with it written on it.

What makes them so fun? You know those days when you aren’t really in the mood to get dressed up but, well, this is life, so you have to sometimes put on clothes that aren’t PJ’S…that’s where graphic tees come in. You can pair them with a skirt, shorts, or a classic pair of jeans, you can even wear them with dress pants. You can dress them up or dress then down. They can be the most versatile member in your closet. Even though it’s just a tee shirt it’s more than just a tee shirt.

Another great thing about graphic tees is that you can find them at every price point from the very expensive to the very affordable.

Here are some choices I found for you…

I want this shirt so bad.

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