From Flea Market Finds to New Treasures…

I was sitting in my house a few weeks ago and noticed a few things.

  1. I REALLY needed to clean
  2. My house needed some re-decorating

I inherited a lot of things from my Mom, like a lot, and for a year they have just been hanging out here. Not really put in any rhyme or reason that fits my decorating style, just sitting around. As I was looking around that day I came to the realization that I needed to redecorate. I needed to find a way to integrate her stuff with my stuff. I also discovered that there were some things here that needed replacing.

If you watch my stories then you know that I have been on the hunt for some chairs. They were first on my list of things that needed replacing.

I looked far and wide at all my local favorite places for these chairs. I knew what I wanted and knew I would recognize them when I saw them. I am also, cheap so price was a factor.

I wanted them for my dinning room table and my bedroom. I’m also NOT a professional upholsterer so they also had to be easy to fix.

The Dinning Room Chairs

I affectionally referred to these as my “1970’s Steakhouse” chairs…

but I knew that with a fresh paint job and definitely some new fabric these would be great. One of my middle babies, whom I love, but who is also really hard on furniture successfully broke two of our dinning room table chairs. I decided to find two matching chairs that I could replace the broken ones with, enter these.

I wanted to paint them black. I was sure about that.

Sometimes though, the best laid plans don’t work out. In life and in remodeling chairs. I didn’t like the paint color I picked out. In my head I just knew these should be shiny black but they were turning out more gray. Fortunately, I had some plain old black spray paint. So, I slapped that on these babies and I love the results.

Now, on to the fabric. Again, I’m not an upholsterer but I can handle a staple gun. Although, I’ve been researching some “no-sew” upholstery {so stay tuned for some of that}.

I mentioned that I am cheap, so I had a budget of no more than $15 a chair. To be honest if I had to pay $15 I would have been sad. Instead, I scored these for $10. When you can get furniture at such a cheap price it sort of takes the pressure off of remodeling them. It’s not like I’m dealing with a Hepplewhite Shield Back Chair or anything.

The Bedroom Chair

This chair I found basically in a barn but boy is that barn full of treasures. I scored this one for $10 as well. I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture but it’s metal. I loved the detail on this chair and I knew immediately that I didn’t want to paint it. That white vinyl faux leather though, it had to go, and I knew exactly what I wanted. Actually, I found the material before I ever found the chair.

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