Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

I first saw this when a blogger that I follow tried it out. I was intrigued.




go anywhere without straightening my hair. I always straighten my hair even if I’m planning on curling my hair I still straighten it.

You get the drift?

I have shared my opinion on my freshly dried hair…it’s fuzzy. Not really frizzy, although it is that, but it’s more like fuzzy.

Another thing about me is that I can’t use a round brush and hair dryer, I always get my hair tangled up in the brush, yes, it’s a sad fact but the truth. I can use a vented brush while drying my hair without getting all tangled up but I still come out fuzzy. So, what’s the use.

I thought I was destined to be forever tied to my straightener.


I tried this!

Girls…where to begin.

The Revlon One-Step has over 9,575 reviews on AMAZON and 4.3 stars. That alone is amazing. Yes, 9,575 reviews.

This hair dryer has a unique oval brush design that will make your hair smooth and straight. The rounded edges quickly create volume at the root and because of the nature of this hair dryer you can get close to your scalp without the fear of third degree burns.

I was literally watching my hair go straight with every swipe of the dryer.

The One-Step has 2 heat and 2 speed settings and a cool option as well (I use the high temp.)

It’s also super easy to use. As I admitted above, the sad fact is that I am horrible at blowing out my hair with a round brush. This dryer…now, this is super easy to use. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get my hair to be smooth and straight.

Would I Recommend the Product?

YES! Absolutely!

If you are a girl that has to dry your hair everyday this will cut down your getting ready time drastically. It is good for every hair type but if your hair is thinner be careful using the high temp.

Not often does a product live up to it’s hype but this hair dryer absolutely does!

I would 1,000% recommend this to you.

Let’s Get to the Details

THE PRODUCT: Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer | THE HAIR STUFF: {Shea Moisture Miracle Styler Leave-In Treatment} {Giovanni 2Chic Blow Out Styling Mist} {HASK Monoi Coconut Oil Spray} {Pantene Pro-V Lightweight Nourishing Hair Oil Treatment Serum} | THE SHIRT {Amazon Guns N Roses}

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