Shea Moisture Sugarcane Extract & Meadowfoam Seed Miracle Styler

I adore this stuff. I am always on the lookout for a new product that you use after washing your hair to help in styling. The truth of the matter is that if you use products in your hair it will help you in styling. It could help make your daytime lower or it could cut down on the time it takes to straighten your hair. Some leave in treamtments help to tame frizz, and if you have hair that tends to frizz you know what a blessing that it.

Truthfully though, many times leave in stylers are not silicone free. Being free from silicones is an important thing because silicones are not good for your color processed hair.

Shea Moisture is a great drugstore beauty company. Many of their products are silicone and paraben free. They even go so far as to eave out mineral oil, formaldehyde, phthalates, and petroleum. According to their website they use natural, sustainably-produced ingredients. They are a cruelty free company.

On their website they have a guide to help you find your hair type. Every head of hair is different and unique, like with moisturizer, I am AWAYS telling you that your need to know your skin type so you are using the correct moisturizer. Same with our hair, if you understand what type hair you have then you can find and use products that will help you take care of it. Below you will find a picture that is used on their website and a link to take you to their web page in case you are interested in reading it.

Picture curtesy of Shea Moisture website
Go HERE if you want to check out your hair type

This product contains sugarcane extract and medowfoam seed…what are those?

Sugarcane Extract < this extract will encourage hair growth it is a great source for vitamin B 12, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and the mineral Zinc all these work together to stimulate hair follicles by giving them proper nuterients

Meadowfoam Seed < this oil is made from the seed of the meadow foam flower and it has many benefits for your hair. This oil is over 98% long chain fatty acid, meaning that it is great for dry hair helping it to maintain moisture. It will help make your strands silky smooth. It is also beneficial in that it will help extend the shelf life of products.

Would I Recommend this Product?

I have used this product for about a month both alone and in conjunction with the product I reviewed yesterday (read that HERE).

YES! I like this product. Although some of the ingredients are geared toward dry hair this product is great for all hair types. When I use it my hair is conditioned but not too much. It is silky and soft but with a hint of texture making it style easily. This product has made styling my hair much quicker, and who doesn’t need to cut down time getting ready!

Let’s Get to the Details

Shea Moisture Miracle Styler Leave-In Treatment

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